nly took a few hundred years to build a spacecraft to cross the stars.

nly took a few hundred years to build a spacecraft to cross the stars.
/Although the history of Atlantean civilization is long, it is not unstoppable, especially the one I created is based on divine power and combines Earth and Atlantis technology and biology…” Zhang Lisheng defended himself with pride. However, he suddenly shut up, stayed silent for a few seconds, and said with a smile: “Your Excellency, President, having such an argument with you over the phone makes me feel very ridiculous.
/Please go see with your own eyes what the theocratic society I created looks like. Facts speak louder than any words. Let your eyes tell you what kind of power I have! ”
Seven Hundred and Fifty-One: Difficult Choices
” Noah’s World, located in the ‘New District of Columbia’ deep in the desert, in the large white British-style house on Pennsylvania Avenue that symbolizes the center of American power, in the Oval Office in the West Corridor .
After listening to Zhang Lisheng’s plain but seemingly expounding the truth demonstration on the phone, the federal president was silent for a moment and replied in a low voice: “Then I will wait and see, Your Majesty. “, hung up the phone.
This middle-aged man who was only about forty years old when he first became the leader of the Federation, full of energy and courage, extremely paranoid and stubborn about the decisions he made, and self-proclaimed, is now a little older.
This time At that time, Rand. Paul was no longer the leader of the Western free world on Earth who could defy all hostile forces. Instead, he was just the elected leader of a country with reasonable strength in the “big world”. He picked up
his cell phone with a ‘pop’ sound. Throwing it on the oval conference table, taking a deep breath and throwing away the strong “arrogance”, loosening the tie on his collar, sitting on the black leather chair, leaning on the backrest weakly, he looked around the room full of cabinet ministers. He said in a tired voice: “Everyone has heard what Dr. Zhang, who claims to be a god from another world, said. How should Milician choose now? ”
Rand, first of all, I want to correct one thing. Through the intelligence collected by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), that Dr. Zhang Lisheng.” The identity of the alien god is not self-proclaimed, but basically confirmed.
After all, the nine ‘worlds’ where the Tatdu civilization that fought the Atlanteans disappeared, the world called ‘Roman’ that once had an alliance with China, and the mysteriously disappeared world of ‘Sea Shrimp No. 2’ ‘, all supporting his statement.
“The magical young man…” The federal president was stunned. He turned his face sideways and looked at his white house. The close friend of the think tank turned vice president said incredulously: “Such a wonderful title, ah, Franklin, do you still have a good impression of that damn Dr. Zhang Lisheng…” ”
Oh. Paul. “The silver-haired man looked at Paul and interrupted him, “I ask you again not to look at this from the perspective of a victim.
Dr. Zha