alled a disease?” “

alled a disease?” ”
Sickness is different from illness. Yes, I know my disease. No matter how much money I spend or what kind of treatment I receive, I am just lingering. Now it is really worse than death. Every time I have to swallow, hellish pain surges up my throat like a tide. When I climax, It feels like being cut with a dull knife.”
Hao Yingliang looked pained. After Han Bo finished reading, he tore off the paper he had just written on, put it into his pocket in a tacit understanding, and wrote again: “The materialistic world makes us We live without dignity, and modern medical treatment makes us die without dignity. As human beings, how many choices can we make about life and living?” When
people are about to die, they also speak kindly.
Not only was he kind in his words, he even had some insights into anyone facing death.
“But this is why and why we live, to work hard for our dreams, including living and dying with dignity.” Han Bo wrote a line and patted his shoulder gently.
Facing death, Hao Yingliang was not sentimental or self-pitying. After thinking about it, he wrote: “Old friends in China, including new friends I met in South Africa, always ask why it is you when they know about cancer. You are only in your thirties. Years! They are sympathetic, but why is it me? What a stupid question. The universe is too lazy to answer, why can’t it be me?” “Birth, old age
, illness and death are natural laws. I also have this day, it’s just a matter of sooner or later.” If he wants to talk about death, then talk about death with him. Han Bo sits down and writes faster than him.
“Han Ju, I am really not afraid of death or pain. For me, the most cruel thing about cancer is that it takes away my voice. Human beings are the only animals that can make sounds purely for pleasure and entertainment. Sound combined with reason and humor is A higher realm. If you can’t speak or make a sound, are you still a human being?”
It turned out that this was the hardest thing for him to accept.
Han Bo looked back behind him and wrote: “It’s not that giving up treatment is dignity. If you don’t give up treatment and are willing to fight fate until the last moment, then you have also achieved your dignity.” ”
What is dignity? Think about it now.” Those things you did before were a joke.”
“You don’t live for others, you live for your wife and the child in your wife’s belly.”
“Everything that should be arranged has been arranged. She can live just as well as the child without me. Okay.”
“Has everything been arranged?”
“Can I go into the operating room without making arrangements?”
/“You are not God. The Donte Apartment project is in progress. Plans in China often fail to change, let alone this is South Africa! Live well, Stop thinking nonsense.”
“It’s not nonsense. You are a healthy person. You can’t understand my feelings at all, and you can’t understand the pain I endure. Why can’t we Chinese choose to have dignity like people in Europe and the United States? ”
What’s your point of view?”
/“Do poor peo