g meat with two pounds of Erguotou. He is very angry and speaks very rudely.

g meat with two pounds of Erguotou. He is very angry and speaks very rudely.
Jin Lianzi had a long face and said, “Did you take some gunpowder? Why would it bother you to come over and say hello to your friends? You guys are the only ones with dog food on the table. Even if you are feeding a local dog, you will find it shabby.”
Qingzhou has a tough folk custom, and the Vocational High School is the favorite place among all the schools to get into fights. It has rich fighting experience. If we really want to fight, if Wen Liang’s bug is not included, Liu Zhihe and the others will definitely suffer because of the golden chain. There were five or six people sitting at the other table, so they had the upper hand in terms of numbers.
It is said that fat people have good tempers, but Liu Zhihe is an anomaly among fat people. He is brave and fierce, and will retaliate for his anger. He once fought with the green skinned people in society without taking a step back, let alone a few of his peers? He narrowed his eyes and said with
a smile: “Grandson, if you don’t agree, come and give it a try.” As soon as he spoke, Zhang Song and Jiang Tao both grabbed the beer bottles on the table and prepared to capture the thief first. It doesn’t matter how many people you have. , first beat the gold chain to death. This is also a trick in fighting. When there are few people and there are many people, don’t scatter. You must concentrate on grabbing the leader and hit him hard. This way, regardless of whether you win or lose, at least the other party will feel guilty when they meet you again. fear.
Xu Yao looked around, her little face full of excitement, and secretly picked up an empty bottle from the ground and held it in her hand. Ji Su was startled, and she quickly took her hand and shook it vigorously.
Ning Xiaoning was so angry and funny that she opened Xu Yao’s fingers, snatched the bottle away, leaned to her ear and said, “Wen Liang has a way to solve it, please stop making trouble!”
Xu Yao glared at Wen Liang gloomily. , Uncle Wen, who was lying on the gun, still didn’t know, so he put a question mark in his eyes!
/The people on the other side of Jin Lianzi realized something was wrong, and stood up one after another and looked over. Jin Lianzi’s eyes finally fell on Beimi and said, “Beimi, what’s the matter? It’s been just a few days since I’ve been intimate, so you’re just pretending not to be.” Do you know each other? This is your friend’s own fault. Don’t blame your brother for not saving face for you.”
Except for Wen Liang and Liu Zhihe, who had seen the clues earlier, everyone else realized at this time that they were here to find Beimi. . It’s not like everyone didn’t know about Beimi’s rumors. The boys were hindering the friendship between Tan Yu and Wen Liang. At most, they felt a little contempt in their stomachs, but didn’t say anything in their mouths. The girls are all simple and kind-hearted. After getting in touch with Bemi, they feel that this girl is a good person. Maybe the rumors are deliberately