w that I cheated on her, my conscience knows that I can’t lie to her.

w that I cheated on her, my conscience knows that I can’t lie to her.
“Ru Ling, you should find someone who can treat you sincerely. I’m really not suitable for you! It’s not that you’re not worthy of me. I’m just an ordinary person with good luck, a little talent, and a little shrewdness. How can I Do I deserve it? But, I already belong to someone in my body and my heart, so I can no longer be ridiculous and willful.
“In a lifetime, just a few dozen autumns, no matter what decision you make, as long as you don’t harm others and you have a clear conscience. . In essence, you are not a bad girl, but also a very kind girl. Believe in yourself and you will be happy. “After saying that, Wang Bo slowly and difficultly pulled his palm away from the full mountain. As he spoke, the touch of the palm came out, and it was clearly reflected in his mind:
/warmth, Soft, with amazing elasticity!
At the same time, there was also an emotion called regret that came to mind. Wang Bo thought to himself, with his vulgar nature and past records, he would be happy with this kind of dish that came to his door willingly and proactively. He dealt with it with the concept of “If you don’t take what God gives you, you must suffer the consequences”; now, he is a rare gentleman, and he also said so many shameless things, such as “My conscience will hurt” Nonsense.
“Oh, Fan Ruling, Fan Ruling, you are lucky today. You have the right time and the right place, but there is no harmony. Otherwise, I will let you see what it means to be as black as a crow in the world!” “Glancing at the hand that still held the warmth of the woman’s breast, Wang Bo said something harshly in his heart.
Fan Ruling finally left Wang Bo’s dormitory, taking Wang Bo’s encouragement and blessings to her. She was carrying her while the other party was carrying her. When he turned around with a certain sense of loss and regret, Wang Bo almost wanted to stop the other person, and then satisfy the other person’s heart, whether it was out of liking him, admiring him, or out of revenge on Cao Zeming, “benefit others and benefit oneself” “, but thinking that he had already set up a memorial hall just now, portraying himself as a gentleman and an infatuated man who is unwaveringly infatuated with his girlfriend. Now he regrets it and shows his lust. Wouldn’t it be a slap in his face?
Wang Bo finally said Still, he controlled the devil and impulse in his heart, and sent Fan Ruling, the beautiful woman who came to her door to ask for her blessing, as a gift intact.
“Mr. Wang, I’m really sorry for making you laugh tonight. “Before leaving, the woman glanced at Wang Bo, with a look of shame and shame on her face.
“No, Ru Ling! On the contrary, you showed me a different you. To be honest, I understand you better and respect you more. “Wang Bo said with a smile. After thinking about it, he walked forward and gave the other party a hug.
So Fan Ruling fell into Wang Bo’s arms again, holding his back tightly with both hands. The familiar “sense of oppression” “Once again,