t me be the deputy secretary. Aren’t you and Secretary Guan chasing the ducks to the shelves?” “

t me be the deputy secretary. Aren’t you and Secretary Guan chasing the ducks to the shelves?” ”
What do you mean to rush the ducks to the shelves? This is work necessity.”
Wang Jifa burped, rubbed his temples and said: “With so many bosses these days, people really have doubts about our Yushan County Party Committee and County Government. They believe Xiaolei, but Xiaolei has no official position. They believe Lu Tiao, Lu Tiao retired early again. Consultants only care, ask, or even don’t ask. Xiaolei and Lu Tiao alone are not enough. They must give people a reassurance. They believe in Xiaolei and Lu Tiao, and naturally I will believe you. This advantage must be fully utilized. The secretary of the Political and Legal Committee alone is not enough, and the deputy secretary of the county party committee is slightly better. If you don’t come out and see, you don’t usually pay attention to investment promotion work. You don’t know these situations. Where do some bosses go to invest? It’s really a rush. The people who went there were not ordinary people, they were the top leaders of the local party and government.”
There is some truth to what he said.
/For example, when Hou Chang took office in Haigang City, he made a few phone calls and didn’t even go out to attract investment. Many businessmen went to him and planned to invest in big projects.
This black gauze hat came too suddenly and too funny.
/Han Bo said with self-mockery: “I, a person who has never cared much about economic construction and has always been responsible for escorting economic construction, actually became the deputy secretary of the county party committee because of the need for economic construction!”
“Comrade Han Bo, listen clearly, I call you comrade!”
He is not active as an official and has a brain problem.
Wang Jifa patted the table and said, “My comrade Han Bo, your mindset must change. Don’t always think of yourself as a policeman. You must have an overall view. Look at those public security chiefs, especially those at the municipal level.” , several of them are policemen, not to mention the director of the Public Security Bureau. If you want to be a good policeman and take a real leadership position in the public security system, you must have experience in party and government work.”
“County Magistrate Wang, you are right to criticize.” It’s already on the shelves, can it be taken off the shelves? I never thought about being the deputy secretary of the local party committee, but I am so confused. When he was fooled, Han Bo felt very complicated.
I didn’t know much about the young deputy secretary on the other end of the phone before, but after visiting his hometown for a while, Wang Jifa finally got to know him really well.
He is both capable and willing to work hard and is appreciated by the leadership. It is not difficult for him to work in the party committee and government, and it is easier for him to make progress than for most cadres. But such a person actually likes to be a policeman. He only wants to wor