something to respond to.” Classmate, what’s your problem?”

something to respond to.” Classmate, what’s your problem?”
“This, because it involves personal privacy,” Wen Liang looked at the students around him awkwardly, “Can Teacher Ye take a step to speak?”
/Ye Yuting laughed and said, “Okay, if you want to speak politely, come outside.”
The two of them stood in the corridor. The classroom was crowded, and many people poked their heads to see this person who was just stealing the show. What did the boy do? The people in the row next to the corridor secretly opened their windows and eavesdropped.
Ye Yuting stared at the boy dumbfounded, and it took her a while to react. Her tone was serious but she couldn’t hide the smile in her eyes: “Wen Liang, you You should focus on studying. There is no difference between boys and girls. Do you understand? The seats can be adjusted.”
This conversation was quickly conveyed to everyone in the classroom by the buddy who was listening in the corner, so everyone in the classroom was in an uproar, absolutely in an uproar.
The new deskmate is a fat boy. Wen Liang remembers that his name is Ren Yi. In fact, after the self-introduction just now, Wen Liang has already remembered some high school past events. Although I had almost no sense of existence back then, and so many years had passed, I subconsciously didn’t want to think too much about these tragic pasts, but after all, after spending three years here, many things gradually came back to my mind.
As for Ye Yuting, Wen Liang finally remembered why her name sounded familiar.
In her previous life, Ye Yuting was the head teacher of Grade 11. A few months later, because of this woman, the entire Qingyi Middle School was in an uproar. But what I don’t know is that what has changed in my rebirth, even the class teacher has changed.
Ren Yi is actually pretty handsome, but a little too fat. He has a cheerful and generous personality and is a person who is easy to get along with. He hugged Wen Liang’s shoulders indifferently, grinned, and his chubby face looked so vulgar: “Brother, what kind of spirit do you have? It is the spirit of international humanitarian relief, the spirit of selfless service to the people, Bethune and you That’s just a drop in the bucket in comparison. Brother, you made the right move this time.”
Wen Liang’s head hurt even more, and this man’s mouth was even more broken. Does this count as having just left the wolf’s den and entered the tiger’s den again?
Ji Su calmly flipped through the new book, seemingly not paying attention to the gossip around him. Meng Ke turned around and looked at Wen Liang in the back row, his eyes full of curiosity, poked Ji Su’s arm, and whispered: “Su Su, does that person have a grudge against you?”
Ji Su rolled his eyes at her angrily. Meng Ke immediately clasped his hands together and bowed several times, “Amitabha, don’t you know how cute it is to make such an expression? What if you were caught behind? When that kid sees it, he will regret it to death.”
Ji Su blushed and went to tickle Meng Ke. The two little girls