The detonator is actually a small bomb. The explosive in the detonator is more powerful than TNT, but the amount of explosives is smaller.
A failed detonator is more terrifying than a detonator that has not failed. No one knows when it will explode. The young man actually plans to extract the shed cells that the suspect may have left behind from the detonator, and then test their DNA to provide a direction for the investigation of the case.
Crazy, so crazy!
Director Tan finally realized where the “Korean Strike” had the confidence to take advantage of the situation. Faced with such a subordinate who took the initiative to risk his life in order to solve the case, which leader would be angry with him?
He is only 29 years old and he has no children.
Director Cui did not dare to agree easily, and Director Chen would not joke about the safety of his subordinates. He solemnly asked: “Old Cui, if the detonator explodes suddenly, how powerful will it be?” ”
/I have inquired that detonators are usually tested using the lead plate blasting method. , that is, place a detonator upright on a lead plate with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. After detonation, observe the hole diameter of the lead plate blown by the detonator, which should be larger than the outer diameter of the detonator. If you want to accurately measure the power of the detonator, use lead Volumetric method.”
Director Cui took a deep breath and added: “Last year, there was a detonator explosion accident in Donggang. A farmer working in a Jiangnan quarry secretly brought home an unused detonator. His son Driven by strong curiosity, I planned to test its power. I inserted the wire into the power socket with my hand, and there was a loud bang. Four fingers were blown off on the spot, and my face and chest were blown to pieces.”
He had to do an experiment, he was wearing a thick EOD suit and it was difficult to move. He could only wear a thin layer of latex gloves. He was risking his life!
Director Chen was silent for a long time, then suddenly picked up his cell phone and dialed Han Bo’s number himself.
“Xiao Han, I’m Chen Zhaoping, tell me the truth. How sure are you that the DNA of the suspect may be present on the detonator?” The on-site
investigation went smoothly. The cement slurry used to repair the wall was glued to the original explosion crater. It’s not strong enough and will fall off if knocked lightly.
/The director personally called. Han Bo hurriedly put down his work, returned to the business car, and reported the report in a relaxed manner: “Reporting to Director Chen, the suspect’s low level of bomb making does not mean that he does not know its dangers. The entire production process must be cautious. , I think it is unlikely that he was wearing gloves. People will sweat when they are nervous. Even if they are not very nervous, there will still be fine beads of sweat and oil on the fingers. This is how fingerprints are left at crime scenes. There is no DNA in the sweat, but the fingers As the skin metabolizes,