papers mentioned that there were strict hierarchical divisions within the three empires of Solomon, Tudor and Trunsoest. The hierarchies were clearly defined and insurmountable. Based on this theory, within a force, there should not be Coordinated leaders.

“Weird,” Klein muttered, as if telling the bodyguard lady.
“Is there anything strange?” A phantom and erratic voice suddenly sounded behind him. In the dark, wide, empty and silent ancient hall, it seemed particularly scary.
The corner of Klein’s mouth twitched, and he truthfully told the other party the morphological characteristics he had observed, the corresponding historical knowledge, and his doubts, and at the end he added:
“The ventilation here is very good. I don’t know if there is another entrance.”
The bodyguard lady, who was half blended into the darkness, listened quietly, took a deep look at Klein and said:
“Why do you know so much?”
Because I am a college student in the history department. Klein complained in his mind and said with a smile:
“If I hadn’t chosen to be a detective, maybe I would have become a conscientious young historian.”
The bodyguard lady didn’t respond and didn’t disappear again. She floated onto the half-height platform first.
Klein held the lantern and followed closely. He found that the half-height platform was very large, nearly forty meters across and ten meters up and down.
“There seems to be a badge-like pattern on the back of the chair for a three- to four-meter giant to sit on. Here is a black crown, and here is a hand holding a scepter. I don’t know what each symbolizes,” Klein said to himself. He said to himself, without expecting the bodyguard lady to answer.
However, the lady with her feet floating off the ground suddenly said:
“This is the coat of arms of the Tudor family.”
“Ah” Klein looked in shock and found that the bodyguard lady was pointing to the hand holding the scepter.
“Do you recognize the other badge?”
He can actually be ranked alongside the members of the Tudor family.
The bodyguard lady shook her head and said nothing.
Seeing this situation, Klein had no choice but to give up the idea of ??research temporarily and said instead:
“After the Tudor and Trunsoest families established their respective empires, they both maintained the original styles derived from the Solomon Empire, such as inverted candlesticks, chopped brands, etc., etc. This does not conform to normal understanding. You know, if I were the emperor, even if many things had to be inherited from before, I would make certain changes to mark my own specialness.”
“Does this mean that the three empires have hidden and unchanging connections?”
He guessed that the Solomon, Tudor and Trunsoest families all have the “Black Emperor”, that is, the “lawyer” path, and a similar style is required for acting.
The bodyguard lady was silent for a few seconds and uttered a few words:
/“Only an emperor can be called an emperor.”
This confirmed my idea. Klein didn’t ask any more questions. He held a lantern and walked around the two huge i