ill holding on to her words. If she really wants to start a fight with you and refuse to agree to divorce, you What should I do?”

ill holding on to her words. If she really wants to start a fight with you and refuse to agree to divorce, you What should I do?”
/“She’s not like that.” Xia Minru looked unkind, and Pan Guofei wisely changed his tone: “If that’s the case, then it’s up to you. I don’t care how to punish her.”
Xia Minru said fiercely: “This is You said it! She works at Qingyizhong, doesn’t it? Let’s see if I don’t find someone to mess with her, hum!” Then he smiled charmingly, with a somewhat lustful expression on his face, and reached out with his left hand to touch Pan Guofei’s vital part. , caressed her gently a few times, and said, “Would you like me to give you a lick?”
Pan Guofei’s desire expanded rapidly, his buttocks moved to the side, and his pants had already lifted up the tent. Xia Minru unzipped her zipper and just bowed her head. Before she could taste it, she heard Pan Guofei suddenly yelling, and then with a “bang”, the car spun and hit the roadside heavily.
The sound is so sad that I cry when I hear it!
The car door was opened, and several young people gathered around. One of them had eyes as cold as poisonous snakes, making people shudder at the sight of them.
“Damn, these bitches are so bold and unrestrained. They start doing things while driving. This is going to be sent to the traffic police team, why don’t we have to pay an extra fifty?”
“Fifty? Unless this woman is beaten by one of the gangsters in the team. Blow once, otherwise five thousand won’t be enough.” In Qingzhou dialect, the traffic policeman is called Jizi, which is the same as Heibei in Hebei.
Several people burst into laughter. Pan Guofei endured the pain and stood up. He hit the brakes in time and was not injured anywhere else. But the thing was still hanging limply outside, with half a layer of skin peeled off at the base and stained with blood. Linlin didn’t know how she felt after being bitten by Xia Minru. He didn’t dare to put on his pants for fear of getting bruised, and he didn’t want to care about other people’s gossip at this time.
The man who asked Xia Minru to play the trumpet just now raised his hand and slapped him in the face, saying: “With your looks, even if you go to Dungkou Alley to do a striptease, no one will applaud you. How dare you beep with the men?”
This slap was too powerful. The heavy atmosphere made Xia Minru spin in a circle. Half of her face was suddenly swollen larger than her chest. The blood dripping from her mouth was mixed with the blood she had just received from Pan Guofei. It could be said that it was truly integrated.
She was also a very energetic person, and she kept talking harshly. She took out her mobile phone from her bag and said, “Okay, good call. Do you know who I am? Director Xia of Posts and Telecommunications is my father. Boy, I want you to be cut off today.” With your hand, my surname is Xia for nothing!”
/The loudspeaker man snatched the phone away with his hand and said, “I don’t know who Director Xia is. You crashed my car, which is enough to pay for the re