to fish.”

to fish.”
Everyone laughed, calmed down, and put on a serious expression , signaling Ye Meng to start.
“Please close your eyes.”
“Killer, please open your eyes. Good guys, don’t move.”
Xu Yao agreed. Ye Meng nodded and said, “Killer, please close your eyes. Okay, it’s dawn, everyone, please open your eyes.”
Wait for everyone to open their eyes . Opening his eyes, Ye Meng pointed at Liu Zhihe and said, “You’re dead!”
Ren Yi touched his chin and said, “I don’t think Wen Liang is. He is so treacherous and would not expose himself when he comes up. On the contrary, Zhang Song is very suspicious. No one thought that he would kill his boss, but he did it.”
/Next to Ren Yi was Meng Ke, frowning and said: “I think it’s Xiao Ning, when Liu Zhihe said Wen Liang just now, everyone was Judging from Wen Liang’s expression, she is the only one who remains unchanged. This probably means that she knows that Wen Liang is not, but she is!”
It must be said that Meng Ke was the first to grasp the essence of the killing game. No one Just by giving guidance, you can observe other people’s expressions and movements, and your mind will spin very quickly.
Also because her words were so reasonable and she was so gentle and so pretending, next, Ji Su and Zhang Song unanimously agreed that the killer was Ning Xiaoning. Xu Yao also calmed down and naturally corrected Ning Xiaoning. Games are not fun when it comes to the depth of friendship.
From this perspective, Xu Yao’s shouting just now to play games more seriously still makes sense!
Ning Xiaoning retorted: “I don’t look at him because I have already identified him. The art of war says that what is false is true, and what is true is false. Since you all think Wen Liang is cunning, you don’t want to think that he is going to blatantly attack first Kill Liu Zhihe, and then use words to lure you to another road.”
Her words did not explain well why she did not go to see Wen Liang, and they were not convincing. Wen Liang was laughing in his heart. In fact, if Ning Xiaoning said that I had this kind of temper, I wouldn’t even look at Liu Zhihe’s corrections. Maybe she would be somewhat convincing. He immediately decided to fish in troubled waters. Ning Xiaoning already had 4 votes. She was dead. He had to pave the way for the next round. He said: “I don’t think Ning Xiaoning is like it. I also think it is Zhang Song. The reason is the same as Ren Yi.” .”
/Ye Meng asked everyone to vote by show of hands. Xu Yao, Ji Su, Meng Ke, and Zhang Song unanimously voted for Ning Xiaoning. Ren Yi changed his mind at the last moment and also corrected Ning Xiaoning. Wen Liang insisted on his opinion and voted for Zhang Song.
5 votes! Ning Xiaoning was hacked to death on the spot!
Turn over the card and there is a shining red heart! Wen Liang said angrily: “You saw it, I said it should be Zhang Song.”
Meng Ke was annoyed and felt extremely guilty. He reached out and took Ning Xiaoning’s hand and said: “It’s all my fault, I made a wrong judgment. ”
Ye Meng announced that Ning Xiao