ong Ping’s two curved eyebrows are very distinctive, so it’s not too difficult to remember!”

ong Ping’s two curved eyebrows are very distinctive, so it’s not too difficult to remember!”
That’s it!
Although Ren Zhongping has a good reputation in officialdom, due to his personal habits and the nature of his work, he rarely appears on camera, and not many people know him. Wen Liang sat on the sofa, frowning, tapping his legs with his index finger, lost in thought. Ning Xiaoning looked at his side face, and her usually cold face quietly softened. Perhaps she would only show such a side when no one was paying attention.
I don’t know how much time passed, but Ning Xiaoning suddenly asked, “What’s Ren Zhongping doing in Yishan?”
“Yeah, what’s he doing in Yishan?”
Wen Liang repeated it silently, stood up, took out his mobile phone, and left. He went to the window and dialed Ning Xi’s number. Ning Xi, who was on the other end of the phone, obviously noticed that the whole thing was abnormal, and said doubtfully: “Ren Lao will not leave Beijing unless a major case occurs.”
But why did Ren Zhongping appear in Yishan? Given his status, could it be that he led the group to visit the Kong Puzhou Memorial Hall?
/At the end of 1996, things were not peaceful in Jiangdong. The two giants Wu Wenyue and Yin Qingquan were fighting fiercely overtly and covertly. The two important towns of Guanshan and Lingyang were inevitably involved, and the superiors and subordinates couldn’t help but choose sides. But fights are fights, fights are fights. At this time, Jiangdong is still Yu Peidong’s Jiangdong, still under his strong control. The fight between the two sides is limited to what Peidong can tolerate. There should be no more A “bomb” like the Shunyi Grain Case, which affected the whole body in one move, blew up Jiangdong Province, which had finally been stabilized.
After hearing Wen Liang’s silence for a long time, Ning Xi could sense his uneasiness and whispered, “How about I call Jingli and ask?” ”
Okay, I’ll ask An Xin!” Wen Liang came to his senses, He warned: “Stop the negotiations with Lingyang first and tell Zuo Jing not to rush. Wait for Ren Zhongping to figure out the situation before making a decision.”
Ning Xi’s voice sank slightly and said, “You mean ”
It’s hard to draw conclusions now, but the crude oil terminal project has just started fermenting in Jiangdong Province, and Ren Zhongping came here. Is there any connection? Xiaoyi, I regret dragging you into this quagmire now.”
Two As a human being, Wen Liang didn’t know the meaning behind the word “oil”, but he still had the idea of ????taking chestnuts from the fire and wanted to get a piece of the opponent’s bowl. However, he had forgotten the principle of the mantis stalking the cicada and the oriole behind him. If the other party had been targeted by Ren Zhongping, wouldn’t he become the fish in the pond when the city gate caught fire?
Taking a step back, he is too small a fish. He is not conspicuous at all, and there is a possibility of sneaking away, but Ning Xi’s Hengsha Mining is a giant. Coupled with the Ning family behind her, Onc