let nature take its course.

let nature take its course.
One person’s power is too limited after all!
When she was about to hang up the phone, Ning Xi suddenly asked, “By the way, do you think Soros would really do something about the Pearl?”
/Wen Liang didn’t expect that Ning Xi would still have doubts about this after Wen Liang had explained it many times before. , or in other words, the decision-makers of the central government standing behind Mingzhu City still have not made up their mind even when the wolves, tigers and leopards have shown their fangs.
“The Pearl is the financial center of the world. Any ambitious international speculator will not let go of the opportunity to bite it. Especially this time Soros swept across Southeast Asia. His strength and momentum have reached an unprecedented level. If you haven’t touched the Pearl yet, plan, too underestimated the appetite of the financial giants!”
Wen Liang said categorically, leaving no doubt: “There are only two options above, one is to let it go and let the Ming government resist on its own. The advantage of this is that it can avoid International criticism, such as government actions interfering with the market economy, etc. The disadvantage is that the Pearl will be completely defeated, the economy will be hit, and it is very likely that these speculators will feel weak and can be bullied, and they will continue to come here next year, or come here once a year. Uncertain; the other option is to respond resolutely and use all power to build up the arrogance of international hot money and defend the economic development achievements of the Ming Dynasty for decades.” ”
If economics alone are not enough to make the decision from above, politics It seems that Mingzhu has just returned. If it can give a head-on blow at this sensitive moment, it will not only show its own strength, but also fully demonstrate its unshakable confidence and determination to maintain Mingzhu’s economic prosperity. Xiaoyi, this matter is no small matter. Your authority now You can talk to Chen Longqi directly, and you must make him realize this clearly!” In
the previous life, the boss was hurt by this attack, and only then resisted with all his strength in another wave of attacks in 1998. Since sooner or later he will have to If you are raped on your back, why not fight sooner?
Ning Xi was infected by Wen Ling’s confidence and said solemnly: “I will try my best!”
For her, it involves the level of national policy, and what she can do is very limited, but it is just two words: “try my best”!
Things in this world are easy when they are easy and difficult when they are difficult, just try your best!
The flight did not take off on time. A sudden change in weather delayed Wen Liang’s return trip by almost three hours. When the plane arrived at Guanshan Airport, the sky had turned dark, and the lights of the terminal could be seen through the windows.
It was not the peak season for flying, so there were not many people waiting to pick up the plane in the lobby. As soon as Wen Liang walked out o