e her?”

e her?”
“Although I like women, I know which women I shouldn’t touch! Miss Shen has been with Mr. Lei for one day, and she will always be Mr. Lei’s. I don’t have that blessing, nor do I have that extravagant hope!”
Lei Fang was very satisfied with Gao Zhan’s answer, which is why he likes Gao Zhan. , said: “You are sensible, but there are also people who are ignorant and go and take Shen Hsinchu with him. He is going to play cards with Zhuo Yihua tonight. The old man was drooling when he saw Hsinchu last time. This time If you ask him for help, you can’t help but give him something sweet to taste.”
Guanshan at night is several times more prosperous than Qingzhou, with bright lights everywhere, people coming and going, not the slightest bit deserted, warm eyes and bright eyes, where are you looking? When I was a little drunk, I passed by Nanhua Street and saw that the food stalls on the roadside were crowded with people, and there were all kinds of kebabs, snacks, soups and water. Anyway, I didn’t have time to go back to Qingzhou tonight, so I stopped and found a shop that seemed to be very busy, and I was ready to eat whatever I wanted. What to order? Although the food on the table just now was rich, it didn’t taste very good together with Lei Fang, so I felt a little hungry now.
/The proprietress with a pen and paper in her hand ran over to meet him, led him to a table in the corner, and said, “You are alone, why don’t you sit here and squeeze in?” There were
already two people sitting at the small square table. Girls, one girl wears thick glasses with the bottom of a beer bottle. She is almost as tall as the two gentlemen, but her face is round and chubby and very cute. The other girl has clean short hair and delicate eyebrows, but her skin is slightly slimmer. Darker.
The short-haired girl was dissatisfied with the addition of an outsider and pouted: “We have another person who will be here soon.”
The landlady smiled and started laughing, and said: “Oh, this can seat four people. Sister, please be patient. There are so many people here and there is nothing we can do. They are all here for late-night snacks. We can’t let this big brother go hungry.” Are you hungry? Everyone squeezes in first, and we will change the table when it is free!”
The little girl is always easy to talk to. Although the girl with short hair was unhappy, she didn’t say anything more, but the girl with glasses was kinder and smiled at Wen Liang. , moved to the side, leaving space for Wen Liang.
Wen Liang didn’t care at first, and was planning to switch to another house, but the girl didn’t say anything, and he couldn’t turn around and leave. He also smiled and nodded, and sat down obediently. The small bench, the low coffee table, and the bustling crowd shrouded in smoke make this moment full of the worldly atmosphere. Compared to the intrigue with Lei Fang in the splendid hotel just now, Wen Liang actually prefers the simplicity here. and noise.
I ordered some souvenirs, grilled some meat skewers, and some tea-leaf eggs, beef