causing all the cells in his body to jump for joy and tremble.

causing all the cells in his body to jump for joy and tremble.
“Okay! Get up! Do you miss home and your mother? Auntie will pretend to be your mother for the time being and let you hug her. However, it has been several minutes now, you should have had enough hugs, right? Get up!” After a while, seeing that Wang Bo was indifferent, Cheng Wenjin said again. This time, Wang Bo’s mother was moved out. She believed that the other party could understand her subtext. With her upbringing, she would not be able to act like an ordinary woman with a straight face, a stern voice, or push the kid hard. Although there were countless voices in her mind yelling at her to do that, she would not hesitate to deal with the daring kid, but she would be fierce. .
“Not enough, not enough in a lifetime! Besides, you are not my mother! My mother is older than you!” Wang Bo suddenly became excited, gasping and shouting! He pressed his face tightly against the woman’s face, feeling the soft skin and hot temperature of the woman’s face. At the same time, he stretched out a hand to touch the other side of the woman’s face, spread his fingers, and combed the other woman’s ears. The hair on the side has been scattered.
/“Wang Bo, if you keep doing this, Auntie will be angry! What you said just now, Auntie can treat it as nonsense and didn’t hear you!”
“No!” Wang Bo suddenly shouted, raised his body, and put his hands on Cheng Wenjin In his ear, he looked down at the panicked Cheng Wenjin with red eyes, even with a hint of fear, “Sister, you clearly know that I am not talking nonsense! During this more than a month in Rongcheng, I have been I haven’t drank a drop of wine, and now I am very sober! Sister, don’t you understand? I like you! I really like you!” Wang Bo suddenly held Cheng Wenjin’s face with his hands, as if holding the world The most precious thing on earth.
Something exploded in Cheng Wenjin’s mind, and fragments fell into pieces. She couldn’t think or imagine, and all that was left was a vast expanse of white. The moments of getting along with the boy in front of him flashed through his mind quickly like rewinding time.
Where did you first meet this kid? Oh, it’s the small rice noodle shop in his house that just opened not long ago. At that time, he was like a waiter in a shop, attentive and sweet-tongued, but he thought of himself as Xiaoya’s sister. Now she already knows that this kid did it on purpose.
This kid gradually began to enter his own life, his own life. My understanding of him is also more extensive and comprehensive. Then I discovered that this kid was not only able to “boast” about his favorite literature and music, and give advice; he also had greater ambitions, and the people who supported this ambition into reality, so that I had to look up and admire him. Cheng Wenjin , a peerless talent and superhuman talent
, woke up from her memories. She discovered a fact that frightened her, that is, when the countless memories she had with her husband began to fade away and become blurred, she The memor