t arriving in time.

As for the reinforcements from various human countries, they still have to wait for the alliance meeting in July. The most optimistic estimate is that reinforcements will be sent next year.
Considering the actual situation, the specific time for each country to send troops may have to be delayed for some time.
The Human Alliance has many issues to worry about. It is not only the orcs that threaten the safety of our human race, but other alien races are also ready to take action.
Especially when the orcs make a phased breakthrough on the front line, the stimulation to all races will be even greater. If another alien race takes the opportunity to attack, the situation will be even worse.
In addition to external threats, we must also consider internal issues. The restless Holy See has always been a major hidden danger to the human race.
However, this tumor is so deep into the bone marrow that it is difficult for them to pull it out.
First we had a conflict with the Holy See, and now it is the turn of the Frankish Kingdom to have a conflict with the Holy See. We simply do not want peace for the human race for a moment.
If they weren’t wearing human skin, I would have suspected them to be foreigners pretending to be infiltrating the human race and trying to stir up civil strife. ”
After listening to Earl Pierce’s words, the temperature in the room dropped ten degrees. Even though the red sun outside was scorching the earth, it still couldn’t blow away the cold air inside.
Assessments of the Principality’s strength are polarized, which means uncertainty is very high.
It would be better if the strength still exists as the optimists estimate. The kingdom sent tens of thousands to two hundred thousand reinforcements to relieve their immediate needs, and they would be able to recover later.
Otherwise, it’s over. If the Moxi Principality is not strong enough, even if it sends one million reinforcements, it will only be able to give the orcs their heads.
This high level of uncertainty forced Hudson to hesitate on whether to send troops to reinforce the Principality of Moxi.
/What’s even more embarrassing is the reinforcements from various countries. Now the three northern countries still have a certain degree of strength. As long as each country sends tens of thousands of elites over, they can teach the orc army to be a new man.
It’s a pity that this group of guys with their own ulterior motives just want to preserve their strength and don’t want to work hard in this kind of purely public welfare activities without profit.
As for his evaluation of the Holy See, Hudson simply chose to ignore it. Being against the Holy See is politically correct in the kingdom. If Earl Pierce can say good things about the Holy See, then there will be a problem.
Perhaps the Holy See does want to see the human race in danger, but what they want is to turn the tide and restore glory, rather than kicking the human race into the abyss.
From the standpoint of the kingdom, the Holy See’s current approach is indeed a b