ontrol the situation. Can you let Brother Ning Hai find a way to give me a lift?”

ontrol the situation. Can you let Brother Ning Hai find a way to give me a lift?”
If Wen Liang hadn’t been so strong, he could have sat down on the ground with these two slaps and said with a smile: “Captain Ning, that’s really it. Sorry, I should have come to visit you when I came to Guanshan, but I was afraid it would be too unexpected.”
Wen Liang had a good impression of Ning Hai, and with Ning Xi’s relationship, he didn’t hesitate and said, “Brother!”
“Okay, you have something to do today. It’s urgent, don’t delay, get on the plane quickly. Let’s have dinner together after the matter is settled!” After
Ning Hai finished speaking, he turned to look at Chang Cheng not far away, and said with a straight face: “Why are you here?”
Chang Facing the former boss, Cheng’s eyes were a little red. He lowered his head and said, “Boss, I’m working with Mr. Wen now.”
/Ning Hai knew that Chang Cheng had offended Wen Liang to death, and also knew that because of this incident Wen Liang and Xu Ting completely turned against each other, but they didn’t expect that this would happen.
Ning Hai walked up to Chang Cheng. He loved and valued this tiger general whom Nighthawk counted so well. However, people often have no control over things in the world. He made irreparable mistakes and had no choice but to reluctantly part ways with him.
“What’s going on?”
“I didn’t adapt well back to my place, and my life was pretty miserable. Then I met Mr. Wen by chance, and he gave me a hand regardless of his past
grudges.” Ning Hai looked back at Wen Liang, his eyes Zhongman expressed his unabashed admiration and said: “Okay, okay, the person that my Xiaoxi likes is indeed extraordinary! Huzi, follow him well, you will definitely be successful in the future!”
Chang Cheng nodded vigorously. , he has only convinced two people in his life, one is Ning Hai and the other Xu Ting. Although he has made up his mind to follow Wen Liang wholeheartedly, with the support and encouragement of Boss Ning, he has strengthened his confidence.
“Okay, let’s go!”
Wen Liang thanked him, got on the helicopter with Chang Cheng, and sent a text message to Bai Huan: “It’s Ji Su. From now on, if her people arrive at Jingu Garden, please notify me immediately!”
After a while, a reply was received, two short words: “Okay!”
Wen Liang breathed a sigh of relief. He had done what he had to do, and it was useless to worry. He closed his eyes and leaned on the back of the chair, listening to the propeller. With the noise breaking through the air, his body rose into the air, facing the bright moonlight, and flew towards Qingzhou.
Almost at the same time, Ji Su saw Chen Xiaozhen standing on the side of the road and hurriedly shouted: “Master, stop!”
The bus stopped, Ji Su got off the bus and said to Chen Xiaozhen who came up to him: “Don’t tell me to wait at the station. Why did you come out of the city?”
“I was anxious to wait, so I came out. It’s convenient to drive my dad’s car anyway, let’s go.”
/“Xiao Zhen, you are so awesome. You c