Ding Mei and Ding Lan sitting in the living room calculating accounts, one with a calculator and the other with notes. From the smiles on their faces, we can guess that the profit of the clothing store should be pretty good. Wen Liang said hello and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After he came out, he sat on the sofa aside and listened. He smiled and said, “Ha, your daily turnover is one or two thousand? Business is booming.”

Yan Ge forgot how she walked out of the store and how she walked back to school. But from that night on, she knew she had to take action because she knew very well that Jiang Dapeng’s musical talent was actually If you are above her and fall behind in interpersonal relationships, you have already lost without comparing yourself to her!
/So I worked hard to find a suitable gift, and after I found the gift, I worked hard to raise money. Fortunately, Yan Ge had already met a handsome and wealthy successful man before this. He was personable and generous, and he bought her a lot of clothes and cosmetics. Their relationship progressed quickly.
But she didn’t expect that that person turned out to be a pervert!
But in order to seize this opportunity, she would do whatever it takes and sacrifice everything. No matter what, she has no regrets!
But after paying such a price, he suddenly realized that all of this was caused by his own misunderstanding, and Yan Ge’s inner feelings were really hard to explain to outsiders.
What’s even more dangerous is that now there are sequelae from that incident!
/After Jiang Dapeng left, Yan Ge stayed alone in the dormitory all day. It wasn’t until it got dark that he went outside to find something to eat. In order to avoid meeting the beggar near the school again, she went to a commercial street farther away. Unexpectedly, when I came out after eating, I was stopped by a beggar again.
In fact, the beggar didn’t have much else on his mind at first. It was just that the bone-crushing ecstasy of that night kept him recollecting it every night. The more he recollected it, the more he would feel itchy and unbearable, and he would have all kinds of thoughts. . He vaguely remembered hearing words like “Qingshi” from the man who gave him the most unreal dream in his life, so he would come to the Normal School from time to time for a stroll. Anyway, for him, where to beg for food? Don’t want it? Just in case, if I could bump into that girl who is as beautiful as a fairy
again. Last night, this dream came true!
So that day and night, he stayed at the gate of Qingshi Normal University. As expected, where there is a will, there is a way. He saw Yan Ge coming out of the school and secretly followed her to the commercial street, and then waited for her to pass through a remote section of road on her way back. At that moment, he rushed over fiercely.
“What are you doing? Go away. I don’t know you!”
“Sister, sister, you are so beautiful. Come with me again, okay? If you come with me again, I won’t bother you. Otherwise, I will tell others what happened that