y is actually a feast of piracy!

y is actually a feast of piracy!
/The origin of domestic piracy was in the mid-to-late 1980s. In the fashionable words of the time, it was the contradiction between the people’s growing material and cultural needs and backward productivity. The existence of contradictions does not mean that there is no solution. The wisdom of the Chinese people has always been used in distorted ways. Therefore, the piracy industry, which is not popular on the table, came into being with such a sense of mission.
At first, piracy was limited to the book market. By the mid-1990s, with the popularity of home VCDs, it began to gradually expand to audio and video products. Then in the new century, from the field of people’s livelihood to the field of high technology, almost nothing could not be pirated. And it has been given a brand new and loud new name by the times: Shanzhai!
/In Qingzhou in 1996, no one except Wen Liang knew how huge the industry would eventually develop. Not only ordinary people, but also many people within the government believed that piracy was just a small problem. Of course, small problems don’t attract attention. The ultimate result of not paying attention is that they grow, burst, and overflow. When it comes to cleaning up, it will take a lot of effort and effort.
During the fifty years of the Republic, this cycle of death has been repeated at all levels of society, and we have been through many hardships but never gained any wisdom!
Wan Guangming is just a small figure in a corner of Qingzhou. His confession can only outline a unclear underground world for Wen Liang. But this is like a glimpse of flowers in the mist, combining the two lives. From what he saw and heard, a distinct map of the piracy industry appeared in Wen Liang’s mind.
Lingnan, as the window of the Republic opening up to the outside world, has naturally become the base camp of the piracy industry base. In the past ten years, with their unparalleled market sense and imitation spirit, they have transformed piracy from nothing to a scale of tens of billions, including production, transportation and sales. It is both efficient and safe, forming a complete industrial chain, slowly eating away at most of the Republic’s market.
Of course, the north is no exception. Almost all sources of goods must be imported from the south. Which books to steal, how much to price, and how much to print are all controlled by the upstream. Although many northern booksellers have made a fortune because of this, they have no actual control over the market. It is zero. In addition, the distance from south to north is really long. Various risks, various costs, and various variables mean that a business that could have earned ten yuan can only earn five yuan. Businessmen are eager to make profits, but they are unwilling to do so.
But for most people, they can only be unwilling to start a new business. First, they have money. Without money, they cannot build production lines, expand channels, and cannot meet demand; secondly, they have power, but there is no guar