atter how hard Zuo Yuxi didn’t deal with, he couldn’t say no.

atter how hard Zuo Yuxi didn’t deal with, he couldn’t say no.
It’s settled. The office has specially arranged condolences for retired leading cadres of the municipal bureau. This has obvious benefits. It not only saves the hardship of going to the countryside, but also can shorten the relationship with the veteran cadres. Every director has done this. But when she arrived at Director Zuo’s place, conventions were meant to be broken. She directly vetoed the office’s arrangements and said she would go to Yunshui to visit a retired teacher.
Just look at it, it doesn’t matter, but not only the public ones, but also the private ones. When the final list was made, Zuo Yuxi personally circled five names, and the one at the bottom was called Ding Zhiming.
Ding Zhiming, a private teacher at Dingzhuang Village Primary School, Gaoling Town, Yunshui County, has been an educator for more than 40 years, and is Wen Liang’s grandfather!
Although Wen Liang hadn’t yet figured out why Zuo Yuxi appeared here, it was certainly not as simple as her so-called condolences, but people were coming, so he couldn’t drive her away, so he led everyone towards the house.
Ding Qiu first ran back to the main room and shouted: “Brother-in-law, Director Zuo is here!” Wen Huaiming
/said in surprise: “What Director Zuo?”
“Zuo Yuxi, the person you just mentioned is in our yard. She’s so beautiful!”
Wen Huaiming frowned and said, “Don’t talk nonsense.”
/Ding Li just stopped making trouble. After listening to Ding Qiu’s words, he said angrily, “Second sister, even you are here to make me happy. Who is Zuo Yuxi’s identity to come to this poor place like ours?” ?”
“I’m not talking nonsense, it’s true, Xiao Liang is leading people over.”
Wen Huai Ming stood up and walked out. Tian Zhibin opened his mouth wide and looked at each other with Ding Li, his whole body stiffened in shock.
When Wen Huaiming came out, there was nothing strange on his face. Zuo Yuxi was standing not far away alive, but he was more confused than Wen Liang, because no matter from which angle he looked at it, this matter seemed strange. So weird.
People say that there is evil in the clouds, water, and ground. Is it true that so-and-so comes?
He looked at Wen Liang, who shook his head slightly.
“Zuo Bureau, welcome!”
As Wen Huaiming, he will not ask you why you are here. Zuo Yuxi nodded indifferently and said nothing. Wen Huaiming knew her character, so of course he wouldn’t care. He happily said to Ding Zhiming: “Dad, Director Zuo of the Municipal Education Bureau is here to see you.”
Ding Zhiming has been teaching and educating people all his life, but in the end he has no name or status. Who has changed him? It is inevitable for him to be full of resentment, but he is not a person who cares about personal gains and losses. When he was young, he occasionally had the dream of becoming a full-time official, but in the next twenty years, it was purely so that the children in the village could study hard and not die of old age here in the future. It’s enough