itting Brother Niu in the heart. Brother Niu let out another scream, leaned back, and rolled down the steps with the people behind him.

itting Brother Niu in the heart. Brother Niu let out another scream, leaned back, and rolled down the steps with the people behind him.
The man named Chaozi stood at the end, with his feet slightly wrong and his waist falling from the horse. He held up and lifted his hands to stop the rolling backwards of several people. Then he climbed up and passed Brother Niu and others very lightly. A man punched the poisonous snake, and the wind and thunder suddenly shook.
/Wen Liang’s heart sank. He was a man of great skill. Compared with him, Brother Niu looked like a baby who had just learned to walk.
The viper’s eyes were colder, but the sword was more powerful. He did not retreat but moved forward, facing the wind of the punch. He received the punch with his shoulder, and the dagger in his hand pierced the outside of Chaozi’s thigh. At the same time, his forehead He hit it hard, completely risking his life.
Chaozi has been practicing boxing for twenty years. Although he has not achieved great success, after following Fo Ye, he has few opponents in Guanshan. He has always been considered to be one of the top masters under Fo Ye. However, he did not expect that in this small Yishan, he would be defeated by such a person. He can be defeated with one move.
Chaozi groaned, his legs were injured and he was weak, and his head was severely injured. He could no longer control his figure, and suddenly he made the same mistake as Brother Niu.
Poor Brother Niu and the others had just struggled to get up, but before they could stand still, they were hit by Chaozi, and they all fell to the ground again, and one of them fell over.
When it was getting busy, three more people came up from the mountain. The first one was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit. He was tall, with a rosy complexion and huge ears. Although not as exaggerated as Buddha’s ears and shoulders, he was still much bigger than the average person. He held a string of unicorn-eyed Bodhi Buddha beads in his hand. Although he had kind eyebrows and a kind smile, he moved like a dragon and a tiger when he walked around. At first glance, he didn’t live among others for a long time.
This man, Wen Liang, had never lived before, but the man following him was no stranger to Wen Liang. Shi Daqing, the current director of the Yishan County Public Security Bureau, had dealt with Wen Liang because of his son Shi Jie.
But Director Shi was not Wen Liang’s only acquaintance. Behind him was the sister-in-law who had had a serious conflict on Dehua Street. After being taught a lesson by Xu Ting that night, this sissy disappeared from the world and was never seen again. I’ve seen it in Qingzhou, but I didn’t expect to meet it here.
Seeing the big-eared man holding a Buddhist bead coming up, Xiaoyue, who had been scolding someone so vigorously, immediately fell silent and hid aside like a frightened rabbit, leaning against the mountain wall with her head lowered and motionless. Several uninjured men also hurriedly climbed up. They helped Brother Niu and Chaozi to stand up, an