r power, and the third is to supply water to many places downstream.

r power, and the third is to supply water to many places downstream.
The embankment was brightly lit and crowded with people. Countless people kept running back and forth, throwing sandbags under the embankment.
Wen Huaiming waved his hand, interrupting Li Qiang’s review, and strode towards the dam. Li Qiang was startled, and hurriedly ran a few steps to block his way, covered his head with an umbrella, and said: “Secretary-General Wen, let’s go first. Go to the office building and let me report the situation to you, Bashang now.”
/The natural meaning behind the words is that the dam may collapse at any time, and it is better for the leader not to be personally involved in the danger. As he spoke, he winked at Yang Dingjun. Yang Dingjun knew Wen Huaiming’s character and knew that Li Qiang had stirred up a hornet’s nest, so he stood aside without saying a word. Wen Huaiming was furious when he heard this. How long had he been trying to flatter himself? With a wave of his right hand, he flew the umbrella away, pointed at the dam not far away, and said sternly: “Secretary Li, I, Wen Huaiming, have my life.” , not more valuable than their money. If you are afraid of death, just go back to the office and stay there. County Magistrate Yang and I will take command of the scene!”
Li Qiang’s face turned red, he threw his raincoat to the ground and said loudly : “If you are afraid of death, you are not a Communist Party member. Secretary-General Wen, County Magistrate Yang, even if I die today, I, Li Qiang, will die on the dam!”
/Tang Ye, who was standing behind the three people, looked at this scene, even though she was used to seeing all kinds of people. Although the people at the scene were somewhat moved from the bottom of their hearts.
“Let’s go!”
Wen Huaiming stopped talking nonsense and walked forward on the muddy road under his feet, stumbling but extremely determined.
There is a huge flood there!
As soon as he stepped onto the dam, Wen Huaiming knew that this trip was extremely dangerous. Under the illumination of a large searchlight, looking around, the white river water is rushing forward mixed with branches, planks, stones and other debris. The rolled up waves are more than ten meters high, as if a ferocious dragon has emerged from the nine heavens. Sloping upwards and downwards, mixed with a sense of coercion and coercion that is difficult for human power to resist, it wants to destroy all obstacles in front of it.
This was another flood peak that could determine life or death. The instantaneous measured speed reached 750m/s. Everyone stopped in unison and stared blankly at the water that was getting closer and closer. There was deathly silence on the dam, and only the roar of the flood resounded in the deep heaven and earth, one hundred meters, fifty meters, ten meters!
Like thousands of huge drums beating at the same time in his ears, Wen Huaiming felt the ground under his feet rotated ninety degrees, his ears became temporarily deaf, and his eyes were filled with water mist, and he