case. I don’t want to let anyone know about it.” There is a possibility that he can escape!” the chief executive explained in a serious tone.

“We will send someone over immediately!” a relevant person responded.
The Chief Executive is inextricably linked to the Erto Fund, and everyone can see that this is to prevent David from turning over.
Although David can be convicted by catching him, more evidence can reduce a lot of trouble.
In their opinion, David was on the Rock Planet before, so the location for formulating the plan to attack the Erto Satellite should be on the Rock Planet. If you want to invade the Erto Satellite, it is still a heavily guarded Erto Satellite. It is impossible without careful preparation.
Then there will definitely be a large amount of relevant information preserved on Panshi Star, and there will even be more relevant clues to find out more relevant people.
“On the military side, if that person resists, you can kill him on the spot!” The chief executive hesitated and said in a deep voice.
“Sir, if that’s really that person, he has the ‘Gold Star’ medal on him. Without final evidence, the most we can do is make him lose the ability to resist. Killing him on the spot is not feasible!” The military representative was very direct this time. ‘s refused.
The military can help catch criminals, but David has the military’s ‘Gold Star’ medal. The military must consider the impact of military merit. If even the military does not pay attention to this extremely important military medal, then who will care? Military Medal.
Although these are not expressly stipulated, this is how the military handles them. The Kian Star military does not want to make an exception. Breaking the military’s routine will have too much impact and they cannot bear it.
“Then catch him and make sure he doesn’t escape!” the chief executive clenched his fist and said in a deep voice.
Six days ago, Hans heard about what happened at Erto Health, especially when he heard that the murderer was being tracked by the military, which made him extremely anxious.
But David confessed before leaving that he could only endure it and pretended not to know what to do.
Hans couldn’t sleep all night these days. If his body hadn’t been so different from before, his body would have collapsed long ago.
“Father, I made you worry!” David looked at Hans’s bloodshot eyes and said guiltily.
“Just come back!” Hans waved his hands and said with a smile.
/He had nothing to say about David’s style of conduct. He also came off the battlefield and his kindness to his enemies was non-existent.
The only thing Hans cared about was David’s safety, and now that David was back safely, nothing else mattered.
“By the way, Galen has come to see you in the past few days. I said that you are in an important period of cultivation. It seems that Galen has probably guessed it. In addition, your identity bracelet cannot be connected, and your college’s Kenny is also extraordinary. I have contacted me and asked for your news, but I have always replied with the