trouble the fellow villagers again.”

trouble the fellow villagers again.”
/A man who looked like an elder walked out on crutches. He should be very famous in the village. Liu Laosan and scolded His people became very respectful. The elder said: “Boss Wen is doing big things, and he should not cheat ordinary people like us. I will be arrogant once and listen to Boss Wen’s ideas on behalf of the whole village. If it is suitable, I also guarantee that there will never be anyone in the village again.” Deliberately looking for trouble.”
Wen Liang walked down, took the old man’s hand and stood on the steps together, saying: “Okay, my idea is actually very simple. It is to establish a tea farmers’ cooperative in Xihe Village, operate independently, manage democratically, and join the voluntary “Quiting freedom”
things at the grassroots level have always been very difficult. Only nerds who are not familiar with the world think that as long as their intentions are good, they can get good results. Wen Liang was not a nerd, so he used some tricks to tear the seemingly indestructible tea farmers alliance into pieces.
/When there are rifts and differences, people will no longer follow a certain path to the end. Instead, they will carefully and seriously consider the feasibility and rationality of Wen Liang’s suggestions. When Wen Liang explained the articles of association, functions, structure and operation mode of the Biluochun Tea Professional Cooperative one by one, several villagers in the audience who were sensitive and lively in thinking had already squeezed to the front, opening their ears and listening carefully to everything Wen Liang said. One word, lest I miss something important.
“The cooperative adopts a joint-stock system, implements independent financial management and accounting, operates independently, and is responsible for its own profits and losses. Members of the cooperative can use cash, tea gardens, and technology as principal to invest in shares, sharing benefits and risks,”
Wen Liang said with a smile: “Everyone Why are you hesitant to continue planting tea trees now? Is it because you are afraid that the tea market will be sluggish this spring and you may lose all your money. Therefore, once a cooperative is established, the original 100% risk will not be shared among everyone. To 1%, the profit will be more but not less!”
“The cooperative will cooperate with our company to provide everyone with the latest and most timely market information, purchase and supply production materials at the lowest cost, and then introduce new varieties, new technologies, and also organizes free technical guidance and training for members, and provides one-stop services for tea picking, processing and sales, which is safe and secure, and also saves worry and effort.”
Biluochun Tea Cooperative is widely used by Wujiang tea farmers in later generations and is effective. An economic cooperation model that has been tested and tested in practice, Wen Liang just threw it out five years in advance. But in the current sluggish market environment, it sh