sponsibility if something goes wrong if you talk nonsense?”

sponsibility if something goes wrong if you talk nonsense?”
Wen Liang stepped out from behind Wen Huaiming and asked: “How about it, and what else? No hope?”
The middle-aged man nodded and said, “I just took a look along the entire dam body. Although some parts collapsed, the overall structure of the reservoir is still strong, and they successfully blocked most of the pipe outflows. If Technically, everyone is under my command, and with the supplies we have brought, we should be 70% sure of handling a flood of this intensity.”
A joyful light flashed in Wen Liang’s eyes, and just as he was about to speak, Meng Hui shouted: “You Who dares to talk nonsense about such a big thing? This time the two rivers will flow, the waves are high, and the flow rate is too fast. Even if you have enough materials to fill the cracks and pipe surges caused by this impact, the bottom of the reservoir area The culvert is seriously leaking, and the inner slope of the dam is already in danger of collapse. At that time, it will collapse from the inside to the outside. Do you dare to say that you are 70% sure?” The middle-
aged man snorted coldly, and even Wen Huaiming and others did not He agreed and went to the tent to wash his hands and keep warm. Let’s not talk about whether this person has real materials or not, but his unruliness is vividly displayed. Wen Huaiming glanced at Wen Liang, and Wen Liang said hurriedly: “This is the water conservancy expert I invited from Guanshan. This Mongolian expert may have heard of his name. His name is Chen Fei!” ”
Chen Fei?” Meng Hui was dumbfounded and said, “Professor Chen from Jiangdong Water Conservancy and Hydropower College?”
/“Yes, that’s him!” Wen Liang smiled and explained to Wen Huaiming and others: “In 1981, this Professor Chen Fei He personally participated in the site selection, design and preparation for the Longtougou Reservoir, and he knows the place well. If anyone else can find a way to save the reservoir in such a short period of time, it must be him.” Now that it is
confirmed . As a middle-aged man, Wen Huaiming immediately turned around and entered the tent in line with the principle of leaving professional issues to professionals. Others reacted and swarmed in to follow. Tang Ye walked over slowly and said in a low voice: “Now the whole province is in emergency. A water conservancy expert of this level did not stay in the province, but followed you to a small place like Yishan. Mr. Wen is really good at it and has great skills.” !”
Tang Ye was right, but the reason why Wen Liang was able to invite Chen Fei was more complicated. Firstly, Zuo Yuxi’s Bo Mian and Wen Liang went to Guanshan to greet him personally; secondly, Chen Fei had offended the leader of the Provincial Department of Water Resources and had already been removed from the list of consultants. Not to mention a heavy rain, it was just ice knives falling from the sky. It was impossible for him to get ahead in the water conservancy system; the Sanlai Longtougou Reservoir was Chen Fei’s work when he was