ays, and you are getting more and more beautiful.”

ays, and you are getting more and more beautiful.”
Ye Yuting dropped her pen and raised her head. , said angrily: “Be honest, don’t you want the book?”
/Ye Yuting had no other choice but to give Wen Liang a cold face and try to fool him. Unexpectedly, this boy was not afraid of her at all, and he got on her table unscrupulously, his legs dangling back and forth, almost touching her arms. He remembered that that time was the ridiculous thing that happened between the two of them under this table. Ye Yuting couldn’t handle it and emphasized it, so she faced Wen Liang with a teacher’s attitude.
Well, it’s so good that I admit it!
Ye Yuting snorted coldly, suddenly reached out and grabbed Wen Liang’s ear, and scolded: “Boy, what do you want?” ”
Ouch, it hurts, it hurts, teacher, please be gentle!”
Wen Liang deliberately pinched his throat and screamed in a high and low tone, Ye Yuting heard the extremely despicable words, and for some reason she felt strange in her heart. She quickly put her hand away and sighed: “What are you yelling at? It’s so unpleasant!” When
these words came out, they sounded like a slap in the face. The two of them were stunned at the same time, and the atmosphere in the room gradually became a little ambiguous. Ye Yuting sensed that she could not continue like this, and said with a pleading tone: “Teacher lost his head that time, can you forget about it?”
Seeing that Ye Yuting was indeed embarrassed, Wen Liang stopped in time and smiled. : “Okay, I can forget what Teacher Ye said, but you have to return this book to me!”
Speaking of the book, Ye Yuting regained some of her dignity as a teacher, and said with a half-smile: “No. Is it for your dad? How come there is a message from Ji Su? How did you promise me before, and what happened?”
Wen Liang opened her drawer skillfully, found the book and put it under his arm, saying: ” It’s not like what I said to someone, it will definitely count! Don’t worry, Teacher Ye, I have nothing to do with Ji Su, I will never affect her, and of course, I will never cause you any trouble because of this kind of thing? ”
Ye Yuting said angrily: “Am I afraid of trouble? I’m
doing it for your own good.” Wen Liang didn’t want to dwell on this topic any longer. Although his promise was still valid, seeing Ji Su’s attacks becoming more and more bold, she really We might lose the position one day, and if we argue with Ye Yuting then, we won’t be as confident as we are today.
“I know, Teacher Ye.”
Wen Liang waved his hand and walked away. Ye Yuting sat alone in the office for a while. She remembered something and burst out laughing, her pretty face already turning red.
Arriving at the second floor of the cafeteria, I searched from room to room and soon found Xu Yao and others. A group of little girls filled up this restaurant specializing in three-fresh fried noodles. When they saw Wen Liang, the master of suffering, appear, they immediately knocked on the bowl with chopsticks. They all stared with big eyes and pursed their little red lips, say