channel lined with pebbles.

channel lined with pebbles.
Occasionally, you can see some fish swimming around in the shallow water that haven’t had time to escape. After a while, they will become fish in the urn.
Little Gonzalez’s leather shoes stepped on the surface of the rounded pebbles, and the pebbles made a crashing sound where they collapsed.
He asked Han Xuan: “Old Barton will soon serve as the mayor of Augusta Town. Do I want to give him some gifts?”
“Barton won’t want it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him later.”
Han Xuan He said with a smile that when he left the ranch at the beginning of this year, he arranged for Barton to run for the mayorship of Augusta Town.
It was almost easy to get the job. The residents of the town believed in the upright old Barton. However, he was not feeling well during that time and did not take office for the time being.
The date for him to officially become the mayor was recently set as April 1st, with ten days left.
“I recently asked a friend to bring me a few bottles of whiskey from Austria. I’ll go and have a drink with him when I have time.”
Han Xuan saw several people coming towards him and shouted: “Mayor Barton, this guy wants to bribe you and asks you if you drink Austrian whiskey!” When the
old man heard this title, he laughed happily: “Now… If you’re not the mayor, you might not do a good job and you’ll be kicked out in a few days! Gonzalez, if it’s good wine, I don’t mind you bribing me. You were stingy back then and never brought money with you when you went to the bar. , He sent me several meals without inviting me!”
Little Gonzalez knows his dead father’s temper better than anyone else, and he is a living Grandet-type character.
Now little Gonzalez spends money lavishly, which has a lot to do with the fact that his father only gave him fifty cents a day as pocket money, and he was too poor to afford candy.
He didn’t mind at all that Barton was joking and slandering his father, and said with a smile: “Okay! I will go to your house to find you in the evening and prepare some snacks.”
/After chatting.
Barton pointed to the sturdy middle-aged man next to him and introduced: “He is Mr. Tejo from POE Company. This time he is responsible for transforming the river channel and building a paraglider take-off platform. This company also participated in the previous ski resort project. There used to be With experience in renovation, I gave you the lowest price.”
A middle-aged man named Te Qiao, worth more than 30 million U.S. dollars, is considered a moderately wealthy man.
Logically speaking, for a small project like this with a cost of less than one million US dollars, he did not need to come in person. The reason why he came this time was specifically to meet Han Xuan.
He heard that Han Xuan planned to build a very large New York Coney Island amusement park project, and some POE companies were also capable of undertaking the construction.
The smile on your face should be as bright as possible: “Good morning, the weather is really nice today. It’s a beautif