ose big guys are not afraid of breaking their teeth. They are really low-level creatures with heads and bodies in inverse proportion.” “

ose big guys are not afraid of breaking their teeth. They are really low-level creatures with heads and bodies in inverse proportion.” ”
When the body evolves to be able to crush all prey When the time comes, the mind naturally no longer needs to evolve, not to mention that our ancestors have seen monsters that eat planets. Who knows if the guys we meet can digest steel…” ”
Don’t use such dangerous metaphors on the battlefield. Reem.” The fleet commander said with a tense face: “Since war is unavoidable, we can only fight, and we must take the initiative. What do you think?” ”
The number of enemies is far greater than ours. The strength is also It’s an unknown state. Even if you want to take the initiative, you must try to control the scale. It’s best to scare them away.” The staff officer said thoughtfully: “First arrange two teams of sergeants to harass and fight. The
ones flying out of the huge ‘prey’ body If dozens of ‘little bugs’ have strong fighting power, I think those monsters will give up the pursuit.”
“You are always so careful, Karim.” Eisenguge said casually with a slightly relaxed expression, and shouted orders Said: “The fleet stopped sailing, and the patrol sergeants of the 01 and 03 teams went out for free sniper operations.”
Following the fleet commander’s order, the three warships instantly hovered in the air, and a channel slowly opened on the belly of the flagship in the middle. Through the small metal door, dozens of Atlantis sergeants with their bodies emitting dazzling light flew out two by two.
/They were reorganized into two teams outside. These sergeants, all wrapped in silver-white tight-fitting combat uniforms with only fiery red hair floating outside, were hovering in the air, looking at the enemy that was getting bigger and bigger as it continued to approach, feeling the With such a strong sense of oppression, the face hidden in the mask became extremely solemn.
/There was a man and a woman in the two teams of sergeants with a bright ball of light painted on their arms, resembling leaders. Among them, the captain with a strong masculine figure in a combat uniform suggested in a buzzing voice: “Captain Lilith, this I’m afraid it won’t be easy to deal with this opponent. I think it’s best for us to fight together.”
“Joint fighting…” The male leader hesitated for a moment and politely refused: “Captain Abigail, our team is used to guerrilla warfare, and you are good at attacking tough battles. , it is not a good idea for us to unite.
All the sergeants of the 03 patrol team proposed to stand in threes and threes, disperse the attack, and use my first attack target as the focus unit to attack!” As soon as he finished speaking, the graceful female captain put her hands flat. Stretching out, the light stone clenched in the palm of his hand emitted a dazzling light, and flew forward with a whooshing sound.
Seeing the commander facing the enemy, more than thirty Atlantis soldiers grasped the light stone in tacit agreement at the same time, turned into meteors, and rushed t