ong as I pass this level, I won’t need to worry about similar things for at least half a year.

Once I am promoted to Sequence 8 and become the so-called “Joker”, I will be able to have real actual combat capabilities. With the assistance of divination and the guarantee of “Yang Yan Spell”, even if I encounter greater dangers, I still have a lot of hope to survive.
/In order to wait for the examination by the church, I did not even withdraw the 300 pounds that Miss Justice had deposited into the bearer account, so as not to be “audited” for financial problems and be convicted of a huge amount of property with unknown sources.
Just when Klein’s various thoughts were uncontrollably flashing through his mind, Dunn Smith straightened the collar of his shirt and said in a low voice:
“The person in charge of this examination is Crestes Sesima, one of the nine senior deacons of the Nighthawks. The church attaches great importance to you.”
“Senior Deacon” Klein blurted out in shock.
The thirteen archbishops and nine senior deacons are the top leaders of the church in the usual sense. It is said that there are many high-ranking strong men among them.
These twenty-two gentlemen and ladies are completely equal in terms of status. They only follow the oracles of the goddess of the night and are only responsible to the Pope.
Dunn took a breath of the cool breeze from the ground, nodded gently and said:
“Yes, a senior deacon, but don’t be nervous. Crestel is only Sequence 5 and has not yet reached the level of demigod and semi-human. There is no need to be too afraid or intimidated.”
“Well, his title in the entire extraordinary world is the Sword of the Goddess. Because he has been recognized by a sacred object, his combat effectiveness will not be worse than that of the newly promoted Sequence 4.”
“I just talked to him and his attitude was very kind.”
The captain’s subtext was that he only said what should be said, not what shouldn’t be said, so that I don’t need to be nervous and come as planned. Klein nodded thoughtfully and asked, “Where should I go to meet this senior deacon”
“The alchemy room where potions are prepared.” Dunn replied simply and directly, a trace of sadness flashed across his face.
The alchemy room where the potion was prepared was the same laboratory where Old Neil prepared the “Soothsayer” potion. Klein slowly exhaled, returned to the Nighthawks Entertainment Room, and took off his coat from the coat rack.
He put on the thin black windbreaker, put his hands in his pockets, walked down the stairs that snaked deep into the ground, and turned left at the intersection.
Soon, Klein saw the secret door illuminated by elegant gas lamps, and saw that the long tables inside had been moved away, leaving the central part empty.
There were two classical high-backed chairs placed there, facing each other, less than a meter apart.
The one facing the door is a man in his thirties wearing a black trench coat and a white shirt.
His golden brown hair was shaved short, and his dark green eyes were like a moon