one of you and Huang Liang was injured and hospitalized, and the other, uh, may be punished by the school.”

one of you and Huang Liang was injured and hospitalized, and the other, uh, may be punished by the school.”
” I was too impulsive.” Seeing that the woman he loved “cares” about him and is worried about it made Tu Yunliang a little excited, and then a little bit regretful.
“Let the past go. Now think about how to face the future and learn profound lessons from it.” Wang Bo patted Tu Yunliang on the shoulder, turned and walked towards the bathroom. It was already eleven o’clock in the evening, and the lights would soon be turned off.
When the entire dormitory and all the dormitory buildings to the left and right fell into darkness, all the boys in dormitory 3-1 went to bed. This was unimaginable before. At this time in the past, Huang Liang would take the radio to the balcony to listen to BBC Global News at 11:30; Tu Yunliang would start his snack, usually making a bowl of instant noodles; Xu Cheng would continue to stay up late at night with a flashlight, reading his favorite miscellaneous books; For Wei Shousong, it was time to exchange text messages with his girlfriend. Before breaking up with Zhang Wei, it was Zhang Wei, and later it was a girl named Liu Jing who was in his relationship, who was also his future wife.
However, tonight, everyone went to bed early, and it was quiet and silent, except for the occasional cough and the squeak of the canopy bed caused by turning over. There was a stagnant and depressing atmosphere in the dark air, making everyone, including Wang Bo, lose the desire to speak.
At about 11:30, a text message came in from Zhang Wei who was far away in Chengdu:
“Brother Bo, I heard that Huang Liang and Tu Yunliang fought because of Wen Xiaohan? Huang Liang is still hospitalized? Tu Yunliang is in the police station?”
/Wang Bo was stunned for a moment and then relieved. Needless to say, Wei Shousong must have told Zhang Wei.
Alas, most men can’t control their mouths in front of beautiful women, including himself.
“Well, that’s what happened.” Wang Bo texted.
“Is that serious?”
“Huang Liang is more serious, and he may lose his appearance. Tu Yunliang may be fired from the c department.”
While chatting with Zhang Wei under the quilt, another text message came in on the phone, and again It was someone whom Wang Bo had never expected:
Su Mengyao!
Su Mengyao asked the same question as Zhang Wei, asking whether Huang Liang and Tu Yunliang had a fight because of Wen Xiaohan, and whether it was serious. Wang Bo then “copied” the chat with Zhang Wei just now, and finally told the other party to just know for the time being. Okay, don’t spread it randomly yet.
In the past, when Wang Bo was at work, he would often hear a lot of gossip, which was basically spread by a few “beauties” in the company. Comparing what happened today, Wang Bo couldn’t help but sigh and thought, There’s a reason why high-level spies are usually beautiful women.
Just as he was thinking about it, another text message came in from his phone, but it was Wen Xiaohan. Wen Xiaohan said that Su