control yourself yet?

control yourself yet?
Therefore, Zhang Wei fully understood Wang Bo’s situation at that time and did not blame him at all. He felt that he had done something wrong.
And after Wang Bo and Su Mengyao did what they did, they went to find Wen Xiaohan. In her eyes, it was probably the aftermath of excitement that caused them to fail to enjoy themselves with Su Mengyao.
/As for why she looked for Wen Xiaohan instead of her, she now has a new understanding. It comes from the kindness of the other person’s heart. She is Wei Shousong’s girlfriend and his “sister-in-law”, but Wen Xiaohan is a kind-hearted girl. Wang Bo felt that he could not feel sorry for Wei Shousong, so he chose the distant place and found Wen Xiaohan, who had no boyfriend, to complete the “unfinished journey”.
In short, in Zhang Wei’s eyes, Wang Bo did nothing wrong. From the beginning to the end, he was in a helpless and passive state.
But Wang Bo, who was right, took all the blame on himself. In an instant, Zhang Weicai’s heart, which had been stable for a long time, completely collapsed, his mind was agitated, and his heart was ups and downs. Excited, Zhang Wei turned over so that she was face to face with Wang Bo and said eagerly: “Brother Bo, I don’t blame you, nor do I blame Mengyao and Xiaohan. I understand you.”
/After hearing Zhang Wei finally With the reaction, Wang Bo let out a long sigh of relief.
“Wei Wei, you really don’t blame us?” Wang Bo put his mouth to Zhang Wei’s ear and continued to whisper softly. When speaking, because he couldn’t see clearly in the dark, his mouth almost touched the other person’s face. The girl’s face is delicate and smooth, like a piece of hot tofu.
“No blame, Brother Bo, I really don’t blame you.” Zhang Wei nodded, eager to defend. The two people talking face to face were almost touching each other, and Wang Bo’s breath was sprayed directly on her face, making her panic. The body temperature that had just dropped not long ago was like a thermometer placed directly on the flame. scurry upward.
“You won’t talk about what happened tonight?”
“No! How can I talk about this kind of thing?” Wang Bo’s words shocked Zhang Wei.
this time, several “dong dong dong dong” sounds suddenly came from the door where the few people were. “There was a knock on the door, and then Su Mengyao’s voice sounded like “Lin Chiling”: “Wang Bo, go brush your teeth and wash your face quickly. Xiaohan and I have washed up. And Tu Yunliang, Xue Fei, you can get off directly after washing up. Let’s go downstairs to have breakfast. I see that the boss, wife and family are all getting bowls and setting out chopsticks.”
“Well, I believe you, Weiwei! However, I need to get a guarantee from you.”
“Guarantee? What guarantee?” Zhang Weiwei was stunned.
“Simple! Just give me the trousers inside your jeans. With those trousers, I will believe you.” Wang Bo put his mouth next to Zhang Wei’s ear again and said. Even though his face was now thicker than the city wall, he still felt blushing when he said such words to a girl, who wa