If nothing else, the Grand Duke of Newfoundland also said similar words to his subordinates.

Everyone knew that these were just words of comfort, but everyone was still willing to listen. When people feel unsure, they most need recognition.
Even if this recognition has no substantive meaning, it can still provide spiritual comfort.
Caesar III, who was good at playing politics, would naturally not disappoint his subordinates in this regard. If the boss doesn’t have confidence, wouldn’t his subordinates be even more frightened?
Not only the Alpha Kingdom needs to pay attention to this kind of large-scale war involving the survival of the race, but the Orc Empire must also be cautious.
Just fighting against the three bordering countries of the human race is really nothing to the orcs, but the human race has dozens of countries.
how to spell?
When to fight?
To what extent?
These are all knowledge, if done accidentally, the entire human race will be offended.
If the overlord of the mainland who launched a ruthless attack could destroy an orc empire at all costs, he could still do it.
Therefore, every time the orcs invade, they mainly focus on robbery. In seizing territory, they showed considerable restraint.
/Of course, this restraint is passive. In the later stages of all previous wars, almost all ended with the human coalition regaining the lost territory. The war will not end until the occupied lands are given up.
/The last war was an exception. This exception was based on the background that the human race was at war on all sides. The Orc Empire, which took advantage, also paid a heavy price, that is, it abandoned its allies and ended the war with the human race in advance.
Similar betrayals and alliances are very common among races. If all the alien races had united, the human race would have been dethroned from its position as the continent’s hegemon long ago.
The upcoming southern invasion seems to be an accidental event, but in fact there are countless political games behind it.
Only after weighing the pros and cons many times and feeling that war would be more beneficial to itself, did the Orc Imperial Court make the decision to launch a war.
“Your Majesty, the missions sent by the Principality of Moxi and the Kingdom of Warhammer have already set off and are expected to arrive in the royal capital in half a month.
They came here this time to discuss joint operations. This matter is very involved and requires you to personally come up with the charter. ”
Earl Francis reminded.
As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Alpha, he was very busy most of the time, except during the war when he was extremely busy.
Compared with previous foreign ministers, Count Francis’s task is heavier. This time there are two more allies to coordinate.
The three countries are now “brothers” in the same trench. If one of them falls, the other two countries will become more dangerous.
As much as possible, everyone still needs to look after each other on the battlefield.
Otherwise, if the orc army brea