illed with the aura of corruption, swallowing up the remaining silvery white sharpness and “Yang Yan” and eliminating them invisible.

He immediately returned to his previous appearance, still like a giant, wearing a gorgeous black robe with silver thread, but the virtual black wings on his back were much thinner.
/At the same time, His eyes stood up and turned golden.
A violent but unreal wind emerged around Him, blowing to every corner of the Shadow Palace with all kinds of thoughts.
“Mind deprivation”!
Derrick’s “Darknessless Spear” that had just been formed suddenly disappeared, and his whole body froze in place due to shock; Colin Iliad, although his will was extremely firm, was also aroused by the incomplete mythical creature form. Madness, cruelty and bloodthirsty, one can only separate one’s mind to resist these influences to avoid losing control directly; just as Klein regained his composure and let the “spiritual worm” on his body crawl back, he encountered this “mental deprivation” The intense fear brought about caused the body to tremble slightly for a while, making it difficult to use the “Star Staff”.
Lovia, whose body had collapsed and whose soul was about to be completely contaminated, was even more unbearable. She rolled and struggled on the ground, leaving behind patches of bloody mucus.
At this time, “Dark Angel” Saslier raised his left palm, and the golden color in his eyes was replaced by two blazing white miniature suns.
Rays of light surrounded by sacred flames fell one after another, hitting Lovia’s body, consuming her soul and purifying her flesh and blood.
Lovia’s aura quickly dissipated, and her pale gray eyes quickly lost their sparkle.
Her body collapsed into a ball of flesh and blood and curled up. She used her skinless arms covered with bright red mucus to hold the milky white, rather large human skull tightly to her “chest” and pressed it under her body.
Under the blazing “sunlight” and the sacred flame burning, Lovia maintained this posture, not letting herself move at all and not letting the human skull be exposed and harmed.
Another beam of light shot down, and Lovia’s body couldn’t help but bounce, but she still trembled violently and huddled there.
In the end, this twisted, disgusting, and squirming mass of flesh stopped all activity and covered the surface of the human skull tightly, dim, dull, and dilapidated.
When “Dark Angel” Saslier killed Lovia, Klein relied on his own specialness and past experiences to quickly recover from the effects of “mental deprivation” and had a profound impact on this battle. An unstoppable despair.
They tried their best, but only slightly hurt the evil spirit. Now that they have lost a demigod, the next situation may be even worse.
what to do? While using “Creeping Hunger” to change his position, Klein’s mind was spinning, looking for the opponent’s possible weaknesses.
That essence was an evil spirit… an evil spirit… As soon as his figure flashed to the other side, he was suddenly inspired and turned his attention to the gray-wh

The five sky knights lacked intelligence, but David was there to direct them.

The two fourth-level black-robed priests waved their scepters respectively, and the thorns densely covered in the corridor withered instantly. The specially cultivated thorns could not block the targeted abilities of the fourth-level black-robed priests.
Just like the knights are studying the followers of the evil god, the followers of the evil god are also studying everything related to the knights. The ‘Secret Technique of Thorns’ is also a relatively commonly used secret technique, and it is naturally a targeted ability.
It’s just that this kind of targeted ability also requires considerable strength to display.
/David did not expect that his ‘Secret Technique of Thorns’ would not be able to stop him for even a moment. Judging from the speed at which these two fourth-level black-robed priests retreated just now, it can be seen that they are warlocks who are good at speed.
It’s no wonder that believers of the ‘Shadow God’ naturally have extremely high attainments in speed, the ability to get rid of enemies.
Although it was impossible for the two fourth-level black-robed priests to escape under the hands of the five sky knights, and it was only a matter of time before they caught up with them, David did not want the battle to drag on too long.
Now the temple outside is being attacked more and more frequently, and dull sounds are constantly coming from the temple. That is the sound of the security pattern being broken. Once the security pattern is broken, David’s five sky knights will have to fight with each other. The three sky knights met each other.
Unless David wanted to kill the three Sky Knights together, it would be difficult for him to hide the fact that he had five Sky Knights under his command. This kind of thing was not an opportunity to be exposed now.
Besides, it is not easy to kill three sky knights riding on flying mounts. As long as they want to escape from the battle, it only takes an instant.
Therefore, David had no intention of letting the two fourth-level black-robed priests have the opportunity to enter the corridor. As soon as his mind moved, the Shadow Warrior appeared in the corridor, and then released the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ from the summoning ring.
The five-meter-long complete ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ completely sealed the entire corridor with its thick body, and the two fourth-level black-robed priests almost bumped into the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’.
“‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’!” The tone of the cry of the first- and fourth-level black-robed priest changed.
Anyone who suddenly sees the legendary fourth-level ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, the main transport bug of the Zerg invasion, will be extremely horrified.
It would be better if the fourth-level black-robed priest didn’t know about the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, but it was precisely because he knew the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ that he was even more frightened.
The reason is simple. The ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ has always been an important part of

At this moment, his head was suddenly hit hard by “someone”, and the tearing pain made his whole body convulse.

The lightning in Klein’s eyes receded, he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers again.
An air bullet crossed a distance of more than ten meters and accurately penetrated into the back of Squall’s head.
Squall didn’t have the inhuman endurance of “steel”, so his vision suddenly went dark and he slowly collapsed.
Klein caught up with him in a few steps, stretched out his left palm, and let the joyful “Creepy Hungry” begin to enjoy the feast.
I have heard the voice of the “True Creator” and withstood Mr. “Door”‘s call for help. I have a very strong resistance in this regard. Even the scream of the “Resentful Soul” itself can be quickly slowed down, let alone just a spell. Ryan muttered to himself silently, watching as Squall’s body turned into flesh and blood and fell into the gaping mouth of “Wriggling Hunger”.
After a few seconds, the “squirming hunger” was satisfied and stopped, and Klein quickly returned to “Iron” Maiviti.
/This “living corpse” was brutally purified. Although his head was not broken, he also lost his life.
Klein took a few steps forward, picked up the peacock blue flying carpet that fell on the ground, wrapped it around “Iron” Maiviti’s body, and lifted it up.
Looking back at the chaotic No. 15 Xiangshu Avenue, he heard the out-of-control movements of the living corpses and puppets, and felt that the “Punishers” were approaching here. Klein pulled the hood of his cloak and moved slightly in that direction. Bowed and made a salute.
Klein rubbed his fingers, and all the surrounding shredded paper was ignited, creating a pillar of red flame.
Under the light of the fire, his body became insubstantial, and his belongings turned into shadows and disappeared.
As for the extraordinary characteristics of Squall and Huntley that were slowly precipitating and condensing, he did not look at them or care about them.
Greed will put people into unnecessary danger. The current harvest is enough
After leaving some of the punishment agents to deal with the out-of-control zombie puppets, the pirates injured by their “companions” and the captured extraordinary adventurers, Cordoba Roye led the remaining people and rushed here quickly, but But all he could see were the broken corpses scattered all over the ground, scattered scalpels and withered street trees, and he could distinguish the slowly receding aura of the sun and the sense of evil coming from the depths of his flesh and blood.
In the early morning, the sky is slightly bright, and the corner alley is mostly quiet and dark.
With the help of Daniz’s cloak, Klein blended into the shadows and walked quickly. He felt that the surroundings were gray and black and transparent, and reality was abstracted and blurred. All the sounds seemed to be coming from the depths of the starry sky, empty and distant.
/After getting as far away from Xiangshu Avenue as possible, he identified his location and “grew” out of the shadows,

ojection of the Giant King’s Court.”

“It turns out that is the projection of the Giant King’s Court,” “Hermit” Cattleya whispered in surprise.
Immediately, she thought in a daze:
/She should also know the answer
“Sun” Derrick spent a few seconds digesting the conversation between Mr. “Fool” and Ms. “Hermit”, and vaguely understood a fact: the key to enter the “Forsaken Land” and the projection of the “Giant King’s Court” related
Therefore, the key to leaving the “Land Abandoned by Gods” really lies in the “Giant King’s Court” and “Sun” Derrick trembled in his heart, lowered his head and said with some excitement:
“Thank you for your answer, Mr. Fool.”
Hu Klein quietly breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that such a scene was simply too draining on his brain cells.
“The Hanged Man” Alger calmed down his emotions, glanced left and right, looked at the “Hermit” and said:
“Where is the projection of the Giant King’s Court?”
He did not dare to ask Mr. Fool about this because he had been rejected before regarding the “Land Abandoned by God”.
Cattleya replied calmly:
“In the easternmost part of the Suniya Sea, in the dreamland at night.
“I just wanted to share with you some of my experiences during my trip there.”
“Justice” Audrey and “Magician” Forsi slowed down their breathing at the same time, waiting with interest for Ms. “Hermit” to tell what must have been a wonderful experience.
“The Hermit” Cattleya controlled herself and did not look at “The World” Gehrman, and said in a deep voice:
“There is a safe channel to the northeast of the Gargas Islands to enter that dangerous sea area.”
She started from the crack in the abyss that separates the sea water, describing the sun chariot that cannot be watched, the night that must be slept to avoid, the terrifying murmurs that fill the entire ocean, and the projection of the “Giant Court” on the opposite side of the mountain in the dream world.
During this process, she didn’t say a word to Gehrman Sparrow, deliberately avoiding bringing him out. As for other abnormalities on the way, she only briefly talked about a few words, such as the sea area with the residual aura of the “Earth Goddess” that can make hair grow wildly.
In the end, she focused on the ruins on the sea with corpses sleeping on them and the adventurer’s sailboat with the “Fountain of Youth” written in blood on it.
“This may mean that the Fountain of Youth is in the ruins, and the corpse that can breathe loudly is the caretaker.” “Hermit” Cattleya said the common speculation on the “Future”, but this does not equal her judgment.
/The “Fountain of Youth” and “The Hanged Man” from the legendary “Fountain of Youth” and “The Hanged Man” in the legend of the six treasures in the sea were moved. He couldn’t help but consider the feasibility of exploring that ruins after Sequence 5.
“Justice” Audrey listened carefully and shook her head slightly:
“I don’t think the ultimate meaning of the word in blood is that the fountain of youth is in the ruins.”
After pausing for a second, she tried to conduct

ifty guards were fully armed, there was actually nothing they could do to send them out. All the knights from the city lord’s palace were sent out, and the only remaining ones had this fighting strength.

Fifty guards might not even be able to block a charge from the skeleton knight next to the Evil God’s believer, but the Lord of Kagel had no other option.
“Do you really think we can’t find Charlie? We are fully prepared for this operation!” The black robe said while summoning an ugly puppy.
The Lord of Kagel saw the ugly puppy, and a look of panic flashed in his eyes.
This is a tracking dog. Even though it is ugly, it is an extraordinary creature with an innate ability to track people.
“If you want to find Charlie, then defeat me!” The war horse under the Lord Cagel neighed lightly, and he said in a deep voice with a third-level epee in his hand.
He was ready to charge, wanting to kill the tracking technique before it could act.
But the four black-robed Evil God believers were well prepared. One of the Evil God believers waved his hand, and a thick ice wall blocked the Lord of Kagel.
/“You guys will deal with the Lord of Kagel City. I’ll catch Charlie!” The leader of the black-robed Evil God believer said to the other three Evil God believers.
“No problem, leave it to us!” An evil god believer responded confidently.
The body of Lord Kagel flashed with white light, and an armor composed of the power of blood appeared outside the armor on his body. At the same time, the third-level epee in his hand was also wrapped in the power of blood of white light.
Now he has no idea of ??retaining his strength. He is frantically mobilizing the power of his blood and preparing to end the battle in a short time.
Either die in battle or win. Lord Cagel didn’t want to delay Charlie until he was caught. In that case, it would be easier for him to die fighting first.
Ever since he knew Charlie’s identity, he had been worried about Charlie’s safety. Fortunately, Charlie was a knight himself, and in a big city like Jianmo City, he didn’t have to worry about it with his protection.
The reason why the knight team was established was to protect Charlie, but they didn’t expect to be transferred out of Jianmo City by the followers of the evil god.
In fact, if the contact circle is not blocked, the knight team with a “starry sky flying boat” can come back quickly.
/This is also the reason why Lord Kagel lets the Knights team go out to perform missions. The ‘Starry Sky Ship’ brings great flexibility to the Knights team.
“Kill!” Lord Kagel shouted, his horse accelerated and rushed towards a black-robed evil god believer.
He has an extra round shield in his left hand. Facing the evil god believers of the same level, he does not dare to take it lightly.
The three evil god believers did not reveal their identities, which made it impossible for City Lord Kagel to know the abilities that the other party was good at. However, he knew the knight’s advantage. As long as he was allowed to get close, the earth knight’s melee ability was d

ay it!” David said with a smile.

He also saw that Gilbert Sky Knight seemed to be here for the invitation.
“That’s right, I also want to attend this cocktail party. Do you still have a spot?” Gilbert Sky Knight asked.
David was surprised in his heart. He seemed to have underestimated the cocktail party held by the Main family. A sky knight like Gilbert Sky Knight was unable to attend this cocktail party.
It’s no wonder that Butler Jason has been like crazy these days to contact him about various items needed for the reception. I guess Butler understands the importance of this reception better than he does.
How did David know that the Main family is a top noble, and the receptions usually invite top nobles, even if there are some other nobles, they are close to the top nobles.
Although the Sky Knights are indeed powerful and very few in number, if a top noble like the Main family does not have a few Sky Knights in their family, they are still Sky Knights trained by their own family.
Knights with the surname Sky can only be used as offerings in such families and cannot truly integrate into the family and enjoy the glory of the family.
Gilbert Sky Knight has a motivated heart, but he needs to get in touch with the top nobles. This cocktail party is an opportunity, so he came here shamelessly even though he was not too familiar with David.
David was a little hesitant. Knowing that the level of this cocktail party was so high, he had to think carefully about bringing people in.
If Gilbert Sky Knight did anything inappropriate at the reception, it would all be blamed on him who brought him into the reception.
“Baron Arthur, I know this is embarrassing for you, but please don’t worry. I just want to contact the top nobles and find a top noble to become their worshiper. Relying on my own ability, I can’t go any further in this life. I I’m not willing to waste my life like this!” Gilbert Sky Knight begged David with a heavy salute.
Gilbert Sky Knight did not hide his thoughts, and even opened his spirit in order to make David believe it. When he said these words, David could clearly perceive his spirit.
From the fact that David has been buying alchemy materials and making an alchemy carriage, Gilbert Sky Knight knew that David’s spirit was extremely powerful.
The easiest way for a mentally strong person like David to confirm whether a person is lying is to open his mind and let David feel the other person’s spirit.
Gilbert Sky Knight did this on his own initiative. He was extremely eager for the quota for this reception.
/It is difficult to get in touch with powerful people among the top nobles, especially people like family heads. Except for such cocktail parties, unless you have enough status at other times, you can’t even get close.
“Gilbert Sky Knight, I do have a quota. Please prepare a dress these days. I don’t want to be rude at the reception!” David said with a smile.
David was originally planning to take Knight Mark and Knight Andrew to attend the reception. He had never thought that the level of t

e ground. He forged three pieces of fine-grade knight armor in succession. He confirmed that he was qualified in controlling power.

After ten days of practice, it was only at this moment that he relaxed and stretched. His strength control reached an instinctive level, and his feet did not sink into the ground.
David then called Shadow Warrior over and felt the soul energy in Shadow Warrior’s body.
He couldn’t tell how much soul energy he got from Lumbu Star without sensing it.
Because Shadow Attendant has almost absorbed most of the souls of the entire Longbu Star into his body. Not to mention the quality of the soul, in terms of quantity alone, Shadow Attendant has absorbed the most.
The soul energy in Shadow Warrior’s body is extremely huge. Although it is not as large as the one hundred fifth-level souls he obtained from the small world of Plague God Gladstone, it is still second only to that harvest.
David felt a little hesitant in his heart. His current fifth-level spirit and physique had already exceeded the standards of the Earth Knights. He was even confident that his physical fitness alone would not be worse than that of the fifth-level Templar Knights.
So should you choose to resurrect the corpse of a fifth-level Templar, or choose to enhance your own spirit?
As for the corpses of the fourth-level sky knights in the space ring, although there are still more than a dozen, but after the divine battle on Lumbu Star, he understood that the power of the fifth-level Templar Knights is far from comparable to that of the fourth-level sky knights. .
If resurrecting the corpse of a fifth-level Templar is successful, then David can have the combat power of a fifth-level Templar. Although this combat power is not his own, it can ensure that he will grow up to a fifth-level Templar during the period. safety.
After receiving the huge harvest from the God War, David did not have the slightest worry about becoming a fifth-level Templar. He even believed that he would be able to achieve what Lord Gould had failed to achieve and become a transcendent fifth-level Templar. exist.
/“Resurrect the fifth-level Templar!” David said softly.
/Having made a decision in his heart, David no longer hesitated. His spirit entered the space pendant and saw the corpses of four fifth-level Templars.
David, who was used to seeing life and death, was still deeply moved when he looked at these five corpses again. These were not ordinary fifth-level Templar knights, but four lords, the most noble nobles in the divine world.
The top of the aristocratic hierarchy in the divine world is the lords. Lords hold secular power. Not only can they exercise supreme power in their respective territories, but they can also decide major matters in the divine world.
In the world of gods, when formally meeting the lord, the title of ‘great’ must be added before the name.
Four such beings are in David’s space pendant, allowing him to observe them. They are no longer as great as before.
Worried that the trace of activity in ‘Lord Ferdinand’s body w

ing place for a large number of knight resources. You can usually live there, which will be of great help to your knight training!” Charlie continued.

“Charlie Knight, you are interested!” David replied with a smile.
The lunch was very sumptuous. Lord Cagel probably spent a lot of effort preparing this lunch. All kinds of food that David had never even heard of were placed on the table.
David maintained his learned aristocratic manner while dining. He didn’t say much and smiled the whole time. Although the dishes were novel, he only tasted them briefly.
It wasn’t just David who was like this, but everyone at the table was like that throughout the meal.
As soon as lunch was over, Baron Blackmer took his leave, and no one dared to object to his words.
Charlie got on the alchemy carriage pulled by Pegasus, and Baron Blackmer rode his golden eagle back to the huge ‘starry sky spaceship’ in space.
“Baron Arthur, let’s send them to the portal together!” Lord Cagel stopped David who was about to go back and invited him.
David couldn’t help but look up at the ‘Starry Sky Aircraft’ and see how the huge ‘Starry Sky Aircraft’ could pass through the portal.
You must know that the portal in Jianmo City is not very big, and it will definitely not be able to let such a huge ‘starry sky flying boat’ pass through.
David had previously thought that this ‘starry sky ship’ flew over from a large portal on a nearby planet, but this was not what Lord Kagel meant.
/This aroused his curiosity, so he rode on his traveling horse and headed to the portal with Lord Kagel.
The speed of the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ in the sky was not very fast, and it seemed to be aware of the farewell of Lord Cagel and David, and moved forward almost at the same speed as the two of them.
David saw the portal again. The seemingly huge portal seemed smaller in front of the Main family’s ‘Starry Sky Ship’.
The ‘Star Sky Ship’ slowly flew towards the portal. As it approached the portal, the ‘Star Sky Ship’ shot a white light towards the portal. The aperture around the portal expanded upwards, forming a super large portal.
The ‘Starry Sky Ship’ entered the super large teleportation gate, and then the teleportation gate returned to its original state.
“How about it? Every time you use this method to pass through the portal, you need to consume a lot of kryptonite to provide energy. I feel luxurious every time I see it!” Lord Kagel said to David with a smile.
“Isn’t it just to pick up Charlie Knight? Why does it need such a big pomp?” David asked, also not understanding the behavior of the Main family.
“This is the top noble. This time it is a simple trip. If you see the scale of the official trip, it is luxury!” Lord Kagel replied with a smile.
David shook his head. He had just come to the Divine World. After arriving on the planet, the Divine World he saw was backward. Everything here was extremely primitive.
Except for portals and temples, it is almost difficult to see a super empire that can match the divine world and span countless planets.
/But today

the white light range of the space teleportation, the three sky knights could not deal with him and could only watch him leave.

David’s thoughts were good. At this time, he just wanted to leave this dangerous place quickly.
“Close the portal, cut off the energy!” At this time, he heard Maynard Sky Knight giving the order.
Then David sensed that the energy fluctuations of the medium-sized portal above slowly calmed down, and finally the energy fluctuations completely disappeared.
This made him feel helpless. He looked at the three Sky Knights in the sky through Shadow Attendant, with murderous intent flashing in his eyes.
The other party was determined to find him and then open the portal. He could only get rid of all the troubles before he could leave here.
Thinking of this, David used ‘underground stealth’ to move towards the nearby castle building.
David likes the Great World of God because the isolation materials used for safety in the castle’s underground here are all rocks. Under the influence of the ‘underground stealth’ ability, no matter what kind of rock it is, the passage can be easily separated.
This makes it not as difficult for him to get through underground as it is in the Interstellar Federation, and it is very easy for him to enter the interior of the castle.
Just as David approached the castle, the shadow attendant who stayed above to observe saw five groups of knights converging towards the square. He couldn’t help but stop and wanted to know the number of knights here.
/“Your Majesty, all the knights have gathered!” David saw a group of knights lining up neatly and reporting to an old man in armor.
David didn’t know the earl, but when he heard the earl’s title, he knew that the old man was the owner of this place.
It’s easy to tell where this place is, because the flag hanging on the outer wall of the castle is the coat of arms of the nobles here.
The noble heraldry here does not use blood-related patterns, but a hammer and two swords, which is a very special heraldry.
“The Barry family, their main castle is on the planet Harker, and their family mainly deals in high-grade equipment!” David’s mind immediately thought of the relevant information about the coat of arms.
Although the information was not much, it was enough for him to determine which planet he was on.
David then focused his attention on the knights who were gathering. The knights were divided into five groups, each group had six official knights and an earth knight captain.
These are five earth knights and thirty official knights, plus the earl of earth knights in armor. The combat power of this knight alone is enough to withstand an interstellar federation army of ten thousand people.
Even if the two meet on the ground, the victory is estimated to be by a smaller number of knights.
David was extremely surprised by the strong background of the Barry family.
“All the knights will work in small groups and search every corner of the square. After discovering the target, as long as you delay for a while, three sky knigh

ht to the cafeteria.

He had noted before that today’s limited offering was foie gras pan-seared in red wine, served with apple slices and butter-soaked bread.
After getting the food, Klein carried the plate and walked to the table where Talim was. At this moment, in addition to Talim, there was another acquaintance of his who also served as a guarantee and introduced him to the club. Surgeon Alan Kress.
As soon as he placed the dinner plate and before he could sit down, Klein suddenly noticed a cane leaning against the famous surgeon’s chair.
“Alan, what’s wrong?” he asked with concern.
/Allen, who is tall, thin, cold-looking, and wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, patted his right leg and said:
“No, don’t mention it. This is really unlucky. I fell down the stairs and suffered a serious bone fracture. I had to wear a plaster to fix it.”
“It’s really unlucky.” Klein sighed in agreement, cut a piece of foie gras, dipped it in the juice and stuffed it into his mouth. The feeling of melting as soon as it touched made the aroma of fat continue to expand, stimulating every move. Taste buds.
“I’ve been unlucky for a long time.” Allen raised his hand to push the frame of the mirror and rubbed his forehead.
He then looked at Klein, then at Talim, and asked hesitantly:
“Mr. Moriarty, have you, have you?”
“What?” Klein raised his head and asked.
Allen lowered his voice and said:
“You are a well-known detective. You should know many people.”
“It’s okay.” Klein said perfunctorily without understanding what the other party meant.
Allen looked at Talim again, took a breath and said:
“Do you know anyone like a village witch doctor? No, I mean, a fortune teller or occult enthusiast with some ability. I think, I think, my recent bad luck is too abnormal.”
“I know that those are probably fake and deceptive, but I can’t find any other way to get rid of the bad luck. I tried going to church to pray, donate, and attend mass, but nothing worked.”
As a diviner or occult enthusiast with some skills, you seem to be talking about me. Klein thought:
“Ellen, please tell me in detail what happened to you.”
Talim next to him also nodded:
“Don’t worry. Although I am a believer in the Lord, I do not reject occult things.”
Allen sighed in distress:
“There are many, many things, such as mistakes during surgery, a steam train accident while traveling, finding a thief when I got home, going to the hospital and falling down the stairs. Do you think someone was cursing me?”
Well, Klein frowned slightly when he heard Allen mention something similar before.
As a former Nighthawk, he could easily associate a sealed object from this description:
Ragdoll of Doom
He turned on his spiritual vision for similar items and asked seriously:
“Alan, think about it carefully. Before those unlucky things happened one after another, did you or your family, well, did your family also encounter unlucky things?”
Klein originally wanted to ask whether Allen or his family had brought any more unusual items home, such as a slightly dirty doll, be