till needed this woman to help him do many things. With such an ace spy from the Intelligence Agency by his side, the Belu authorities naturally relaxed their surveillance on him. .

“You have teased me a lot before. I just took revenge once, and you treat me like this?” Hel said softly: “It’s better than this. From now on, we will take turns to gain control. You will be the master for one day.” I am your slave, and one day I am the master and you are my maid.”
Shasa rested her chin lazily on her hands: “Let me think about it, maybe this is a good idea.”
“That’s it.” Hel smiled and placed Shasa on the edge of the bed and said, “Before I get up, I am still the master. You naughty maid, accept the punishment from the master.”
As a series of chuckles rang out, the bedroom was suddenly filled with a strong sense of spring.
When Hull got off the bed again, it was already noon. He casually swept the ointment bottles and strange tools placed on the edge of the bed into the drawer. He pulled up a chair and sat down.
Now there is absolutely no need to worry that the woman in the bed will wake up. If she doesn’t have two or three days to recover, she might not even be able to get out of bed. He is very confident about this.
/Sitting on the chair, Hel did nothing. He just held the piece of emerald brought to him by the Immortal King Togashi.
This piece of jade is carved into a square shape, like a domino, with nothing resembling a magic circle visible on it.
The first thing that Hull thought of was internal alchemy, which is a very superb alchemical technique that can place all magic arrays, spells and other things on the inner layer of the magic device.
But he immediately denied this possibility, because he sent some magic power into the jade, but the result was that the magic power flowed back into his body.
There was absolutely nothing in it.
Of course he would not think that the Immortal King was playing tricks on him, and it was absolutely impossible for him to pick up the wrong gear.
There must be something famous in this piece of jade.
Hull was also convinced that there was no need to go to great lengths to solve this mystery. The Immortal King knew his situation at the moment, and if the action was a little bigger, he would probably be completely exposed.
He lit the oil lamp next to him and tried it with fire. The jadeite did not react at all under the flames.
He poured some water from the pitcher into the basin and threw the jade into the water. Still no reaction. He opened the curtains to let a ray of light shine in. The color of the jade became more transparent, but he still did not find the hidden secret. .
Hull had forgotten how many methods he tried, and finally found nothing.
He held the jade and sat blankly on the chair.
He didn’t know how long he sat there. He held his head in his hands and leaned gently against the bed. He was tired and annoyed. This jade gave him an unusual headache. He even had the urge to take this thing away. Throw it out of the window.
At this moment, he could only hope

in the sky. Xu Ying’s figure floated up and fell into the lotus-shaped cave sky.

The strange eyes in the sky became angry, and an immortal corpse fell from the sky and flew towards this side.
But the petals of the lotus overlapped and closed, and with a swish sound, the blooming lotus turned into a flower flower. Then the flower flower flower shrank back into the void and disappeared.
A group of immortal corpses grabbed nothing.
The monster in the abyss turned its eyes and searched everywhere, but could not find the whereabouts of Xu Ying. A group of immortal corpses bathed in the fairy light and slowly rose back to the strange eye of the abyss.
“Slip so fast”
I saw the abyss in the sky closing slowly like eyes, hidden in the clouds, and disappeared.
A lotus leaf fluttered in the sky, fell from the sky, and slowly landed on the water of Shifeng River. The lotus leaf got bigger and bigger, and in an instant it grew to the size of a mat. After a while, a lotus flower emerged from the water. , layers of petals rotate and bloom in all directions.
The moment the lotus flower rotated and bloomed, hell fire erupted from the flower, and a tall young man walked out of the fire, wearing black clothes and a red belt, with flames flowing on his body, and gradually disappeared.
And the lotus flower also flew up and turned into an ancient cave sky, floating behind him.
“Li Xiaoke’s clothes are still of excellent quality.”
/Xu Ying patted the underworld fire off his body. He asked for these clothes from Li Xiaoke, and they fit him perfectly.
He looked up and saw that the sky was calm, with no sign of the abyss or the strange eye.
“Wei Xu, what kind of place is it?”
Xu Ying thought thoughtfully, “And the person who was swallowed by Wei Xu looked a bit like Nuoyang among the six Nuo ancestors. Why did he appear nearby? Could it be that he was the one who competed with me for spiritual consciousness just now? ”
There were many unanswered questions in his mind, especially about Wei Xu.
On Fengdu Mountain in Minghai, Emperor Beiyin helped him unlock his past memories. Xu Ying had seen the Wei Ruins emerge six thousand years ago and devour the world’s Qi refiners.
It was an extermination of Qi Refiners, in the name of Emperor Zhou building a divine boat on the other side and stealing the elixir!
/Countless Qi Refiners floated involuntarily, like drowning people, floating towards the strange eyes of the abyss in the sky!
“During that great purge, there was the shadow of the Immortal Realm behind it. It was the Immortal Realm that issued the Golden List and issued the order for the great purge. Then Wei Xu broke out and purged all the Qi Refiners.” Xu Yingxin said.
That great purge caused Qi Refiners to directly enter a period of great decline, with only the major immortal sects still retaining some of their vitality. So much so that three thousand years later, Li Xiaoke and others were still working hard to restore the ancient magical powers.
During the period of the induction of heaven and man, there was an

must have had a brightening technique. The firelight was as bright as a miniature sun, illuminating the entire mountaintop as brightly as day.

Facing the gentle slope of the Sea of ??Insects, you can see clusters of houses closely packed together from the mountainside. The houses are very simple, surrounded by rough stone walls and roofs paved with hay.
There are no houses visible tens of meters close to the peak, because there is a large house built on the top of the peak. The stones used to build this house have been carefully cut and are very flat. There is a circle of pillars erected around it. There is also a one-meter-high base that looks like either a palace or a temple.
What was extremely inappropriate for such a simple village was that a purple-red warning barrier completely enveloped the entire village.
He was secretly surprised by the wide range of this alarm barrier. This thing was even higher than the one that shrouded the outside of the Miscon Garrison Headquarters building.
Even if the elf magician patch is here, there is no way to sneak in.
Seeing this situation, he complained to Old Man Moon. Even if he concealed something from him, he could be forgiven, but how could the old man call this place “Savage Ridge”? This is definitely misleading.
After thinking about it carefully, Hull decided to see the strength of his opponent first. After escaping from the Sea of ??Insects, there were still two Phantom Owls and a Ghost Shadow left by his side.
He was planning to recruit a Phantom Owl and let it collide with the alarm barrier, but then he thought about it and decided it was better to be careful.
Although this place is hidden, it is too close to Savage Ridge, so it would be safer to retreat further away.
Just as he thought, Hull immediately stepped back two kilometers. He stopped when he saw that the shelter was just a few hundred meters away.
He found a hidden place to hide. He took out his telescope and looked at the distant peak. It was 2,300 meters away from Savage Ridge. It was a little farther away. The buildings could still be seen clearly, but the people in the village could not. It’s a little hard to tell.
Blowing the whistle gently, Hel summoned a phantom owl. From the ring patched by the elf magician, he gained the ability to communicate with animals and directly gave the phantom owl an order to test the alarm barrier.
In order to prevent Huan Xiao from exposing his hiding place, he asked Huan Xiao to go around to the side facing the sea of ??insects, and then break into the barrier.
The Phantom Owl flapped its wings and flew towards Savage Ridge.
Hull waited patiently. From such a long distance, he could not see any changes in the Phantom Owl who broke into the alarm barrier, so he could only wait and see the reaction of those “savages”.
Suddenly, countless light spots flew up from the Savage Ridge. These light spots flew in all directions, with the most on the side facing the sea of ??insects.
/As soon as Hull brought the telescope up to his eyes, he saw those light spots cas

ven be said to be our own people, a transaction is a transaction after all. What you want me to do, you should know very well that it will not be easy. The Military Intelligence Department is not casual. A place where anyone can get their hands in.” The Red Duke deliberately wanted to make Leda anxious and worried.

But what made him a little disappointed was that Leda didn’t seem to care very much.
A very good negotiator. The Red Duke made this judgment on Leda in private, and he was even more eager to get this sensible woman.
The Red Duke did not test any more. Years of experience have made him understand that there is no use in continuing to test. Although most women will quickly retreat when they are intimidated, some women may stick to it for a while, but they still remain in the face of huge pressure. Will collapse. It is for this reason that the world equates women with weakness.
But some women are stronger than men. He once met one of this type. Unfortunately, he was too immature at the time and didn’t know how to grasp the right balance, which ultimately caused unnecessary tragedy.
He definitely didn’t want to let tragedy happen again. To be honest, he was more or less afraid of the father of the woman he admired. Although his status was higher than that of the woman, after all, they were not in a superior-subordinate relationship. If things were to happen It became out of control, and it was hard to say whether it would trigger revenge from the father.
/And once a “war” breaks out between them, no matter the outcome, it will be a very troublesome thing.
Putting one leg on the knee of the other, the Red Duke said: “I am a very appreciative person, especially for women.”
He smiled and shrugged: “I have never wanted to hide my admiration for women, especially those with special temperament. However, you can rest assured that I have never been a person who likes to use force, and my possessiveness The desire is not very strong, just like I appreciate flowers but never forcefully pick them to take home, I will not restrict a woman’s freedom.”
As he spoke, he leaned forward slightly and said in a decisive tone: “If you want your lover to be safe, agree to be my woman and share a night of love with me.”
The Red Duke’s words did not surprise Lida too much. Since she asked for help, she had naturally thought of all possibilities in advance.
“Can’t we repay in another way?” Lida asked.
The Red Duke immediately burst into laughter. He pointed around and said in a somewhat proud tone: “Besides yourself, Miss, what else can please me? I like wealth, but to me, wealth is just It just allows me to have all kinds of means of enjoyment. I also like power, but I’m afraid you can’t bring me these.”
“Arts, many very famous works of art, these works of art are just suitable for your manor.” Lida said quickly.
“Work of art?” The Red Duke smiled, picked a rose from the vase next to her, brought it to Leda and said, “Is there any work of art that can compare with you, Miss? You are the most suitable one to decorat

. In the blink of an eye, the decomposed objects were combined again, and these objects were still changing.

Without thinking, Hull knew naturally that these changes were caused by the white light falling from the sky. But this white light is not pure energy, it also contains the power of the realm.
Hull was surprised because that field was somewhat similar to his field and also had the function of fusion. However, white light did not only have the ability to fuse, it also had the function of evolution and adjustment.
/The Immortal King’s modulation methods are already superb, but there are still traces of chiseling. Therefore, although this three-headed and six-armed body is powerful, it is not perfect. But at this moment, under the white light, all the imperfect parts gradually disappeared. This put together body looks like it grew naturally.
This is the secret to building a divine body! Hull was a little shocked. He vaguely felt that he had stepped on a taboo threshold.
He didn’t dare to think about it any more.
Suddenly, a golden cloud shining in the distance also emitted dazzling white light. This cloud also felt extremely familiar to Hull, and he suddenly remembered his experience in the Holy See. The more Hal looked, the more suspicious he became, especially when more than a dozen palaces were vaguely revealed in the golden clouds. He was almost certain that it was Pope Dosalun.
Dozarun also came to this world? Hale’s mind was in a mess. This is not impossible, the spatial entrance to this world is fixed and will be opened at a specific time every day. Since the Beru Empire can send a search and rescue team into this world, the Holy See can certainly do the same.
However, the sudden appearance of Dosalun made Hel feel that the timing was too coincidental.
That dazzling white light was naturally a sign of becoming a god, and it was also incredible that Dosalun would take this step at this time.
In fact, Dozalan at this moment was also dumbfounded by what happened to him, and everything was simply out of his control.
Dosarun is not an ordinary person. There may be many heaven-level experts in this world who are more powerful than him, but there may not be anyone as knowledgeable and knowledgeable as him. Even the Immortal King is much inferior to him in terms of wisdom and insights. .
Almost at the moment when his body changed, Dosarun used the “accurate prophecy technique” to sort out all the causes and consequences.
Suddenly, his heart was filled with anger.
/“Accurate Prophecy” can peek into the trajectory of fate, and even the gods have no ability to deceive the course of fate, so the traps set by the Immortal King are fully exposed under the “Accurate Prophecy”.
Everything was carefully arranged by the Immortal King, and Tozaren had already seen his future destiny. He also understood that the reason why the Immortal King invited him to this world was just for this moment.
Once you reach the final step of challenging the heaven level, there is no possibility of turning back. Dosarun knew this v

er happened.

With the departure of the ancient world and the ancient boat, it was like a long journey of eternity. Finally, after avoiding the fate of being dismantled, it withstood the baptism and indoctrination of the turbid ocean that became increasingly thicker and wilder over the years. After that, those strange and evil things that were truly born due to death and decay, were nourished by such troubled times and were truly brewing for many years.
The growth of the weird and evil levels, in fact, may be the reason why this ancient world has continued to expand, finally surpassing the concept of the so-called world and heaven, and “growing” all the way to the thickness and size it has today.
However, the increasingly heavy Jie Tian was not without its influence. It “drove” the Dharma Boat for long distances. The pure and heavy power eventually gradually overwhelmed the Dharma Boat. Finally, at a certain moment, the heavy giant… The ancient boat of oppression sank to the bottom again, and driven by the huge inertia and ocean currents, it hit the rocks in this sea area.
The dreamy bubble world and the magnificent and beautiful things that were accidentally born in the dim and turbulent world of the old world sank at the bottom of this vast sea after traveling far.
The fault is not only the sight of the majestic world-destroying natural disaster, but also the anchoring and pulling of soot in the air. Under the cover of this really thick and extremely dark yellow ocean, I am afraid that even Chu Weiyang is destined to be unable to reach the level of Tao and Dharma. Go up and feel the existence of the ancient world and the ancient boat.
Desolate, lonely, withdrawn.
And in the process of Chu Weiyang observing and sighing like this, suddenly, the wisp of soot that had dispersed to an extremely fine level suddenly revealed the last extremely clear power in this moment, and suddenly penetrated into The ancient Xumi barrier.
It was precisely at this moment that the Xumi barrier was not as tough as imagined, or maybe it was because of the aura that came from the same source.
/Suddenly, along with the opening of the ancient world’s Xumi barrier, a certain ancient charm that was the same as when I felt the fragments of the ancient world in the past, emerged from the “holes” of the ancient world’s Xumi. It is dizzy and reflected.
And it was at this time that I felt the paradoxical atmosphere of staleness, the spiritual charm and the strange and strange aura that evaporated in the midst of death and apoptosis.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang seemed to feel the illusion that a real ghost suddenly opened towards him. At the end of the extremely dark ghost, there was a shadowy thing hidden in the pure darkness, accompanied by The hole in one’s body shines on ghosts, and the same hole shines on one’s own body.
It was something purely eerie and shuddering.
A familiar feeling that almost instantly made Chu Weiyang’s hair relax and his joints become smooth.
Zhenmo Cave
He couldn’t help but torture himself, whether he was o

tunned for a moment and said: “Yes, if we don’t know something, it is absolutely impossible to produce phantoms. For example, a person who is born blind will never be able to produce phantoms of color. That’s the truth.”

Gong Yeyu was stunned for a moment. Before he could ask the people around him, the people around him had already repeated Pei Jiao’s original words. It was exactly the same as what Pei Jiao said. At that moment, Gong Yeyu didn’t hesitate anymore, and the purple thunder sword transformed. For a flash of thunder and lightning, everyone only saw a flash of purple sword light. The next second, a dark, ink-like black aura emerged from the open space where the purple sword light flashed, and this black aura was still there. It kept expanding, and within a second or two at most, a huge phantom with a horse face and a human body appeared above the open space. However, after the phantom appeared, it did not attack everyone immediately. Instead, it raised its head to the sky. It screamed, and then rushed away very far away.
At the same time, two huge roars and roars came from very far away. One roar was like a horse’s roar, sharp and loud, and the other roar was like a cow’s roar, low and shaking the ground.
/There is “a” devil-level ghost here and there! There are clearly two Demon King-level ghosts outside Fengdu!
Bull head! Horse face!
Demon king level ghost!
Two devil-level ghosts!
Whether it is Pei Jiao, a rookie who has just entered the soul world, or everyone who has been a veteran for a long time, no one has seen or even heard of ghosts of this level, but now they have to face two The devil-level ghost has a bull’s head and a horse’s face!
Everyone present stared dumbfoundedly at the place far away, where the sounds of horses and cows came. Although they could not feel anything, it seemed that they could already see a giant cow and a giant horse right there. It sounds funny, but only those who have truly seen a bull head and a horse face can know how terrifying these two ghosts are, especially when their strength level reaches the devil level!
Including Pei Jiao, even he was so panicked at the moment. When he faced the huge skeleton of the true demon level, he already knew the limit of his strength. Regardless of his thunder and lightning power and burning thunder and lightning, he was indeed very powerful. , but that also depends on the target. Before his own strength reaches the true demon level, he will not be able to pose any threat to the true demon level ghosts! Not to mention any demon king level ghosts, even with Gong Yeyu, the strongest person in the world
Gong Yeyu was the only one in the audience who didn’t panic at all. His hands holding the purple thunder knife were still firm and strong, but his expression was full of worry and he said: “Li Yunqi was not saved. He is indeed a devil-level ghost. It’s obviously just a trace.” The phantom formed by obsession did not dissipate even after the blow of the Purple Thunder Sword, but instead forcibly abducted Li Yunqi.”
Yang Xuguang’s ex

as entering something extremely viscous.

However, the immortal weapons sacrificed by Taoist Yuji were all fixed on the surface of the gel zone.
The Zhuxian Broken Sword was quite curious and flew towards the gel zone. The next moment, it was solidified on the surface of the gel zone.
Xu Ying hurriedly took back the piece of green rock, holding the green rock with his palm, cautiously approached the Zhuxian Sword, grabbed the incomplete sword body, and finally rescued the sword.
Zhu Xian Can Jian was still frightened and did not dare to try again.
“It is indeed the function of Cuiyan. This gel material can solidify time and space, but Cuiyan can travel through the solidified time and space! The materials used to refine the supreme magic weapon are not even worthy of carrying its shoes!”
Taoist Yuji was inexplicably excited and said, “Using this kind of green rock to refine treasures, even if you just add a little bit to the magic weapon, it can surpass the supreme magic weapon!”
Yuan Weiyang said: “But, how can you grind the green rock into powder and add it to the magic weapon?”
/Taoist Yuji turned his head and looked at Xu Ying and Zhu Xian Broken Sword.
Xu Ying was startled: “You mean to cut the green rock into pieces with one sword and cut it into powder?”
Taoist Yuji nodded, a little stunned, and said: “I know this is very difficult, but this is the only way.”
Xu Ying looked at the Zhu Xian Broken Sword and said, “I don’t have a problem, it’s just a loss of mana. But Master Jian?”
The Broken Sword of Zhuxian flew next to Taoist Yuji, and each person came to a distance with one sword. Taoist Yuji sometimes nodded and sometimes shook his head.
I just heard the voice coming: “It can’t be done, it can’t be done, and that can’t be done at all. It goes against my heavenly ethics. I am not Zhu Chanchan and you are not the one who was crippled by me. I will just melt your fragments and refine them.” Chengda Luo Futian Sword is fine, I won’t do it next time!”
One person and one sword negotiated the terms, and then turned back. Taoist Yuji looked sad and sighed. Apparently he was coerced by Zhu Xian Broken Sword and agreed to some of its conditions against his will.
The Golden Ship was about to return to the Ancestral Court of Heaven when Xu Ying suddenly saw only a ray of emerald green light in the gel zone. He couldn’t help but feel awe in his heart and said: “The green rock in the Heavenly Immortal Realm has returned to the Heavenly Immortal Realm!”
When Yuan Weiyang heard this, he immediately understood what he meant, and lost his voice: “They are going back to bring in reinforcements!”
The two people looked solemn. The strong dragon on the green rock was still unable to catch up with the green rock building ship where the ancestors and others were, so they returned to the world of immortals.
When they come back again, I’m afraid they won’t bring the same people now, but something even more powerful!
There might even be an immortal realm master!
“The Ancestor God is in danger!”
Xu Ying took a long

weakened a lot. This city in the sky has just been completed and there is not even a single resident. Therefore, the Yuanli pool in the center of the city cannot produce Yuanli at all. The Yuanli stored in it still comes from It is drawn from the Yuanli pools of other cities, and the more you use, the less it will be.

However, in order to create the Thunder God’s Whip, the Yuanli Pool gave priority to the skill masters. At this moment, the guards could only rely on their own strength to fight.
What made the guards even more desperate was that the violent hurricanes and raging thunder and lightning also dispersed other magic elements. Except for wind and thunder magic, other types of magic could not be used here at all, and even communication skills were restricted.
/Hel summoned the Golden Demon King, originally intending to fight his way out, or else distract the guards and give him a chance to escape. What confused him was that although this huge spider was summoned by him, it showed no sign of obeying his control.
As soon as the monster came out, it was attracted by the giant furnace in the center of the hall. It looked left and right, and suddenly it raised its head and let out a squeaking sound.
No one had time to react. This guy had already jumped to one end of the furnace. He opened his mouth full of sharp teeth and bit hard. The huge electric crystal stone at the end of the furnace was immediately swallowed by it. When it reached the stomach, it turned around and got into the furnace.
Although the thunderball was no longer in the furnace, the temperature was still high enough to turn the steel into molten steel within a few seconds. However, the golden devil didn’t care at all and gnawed at the remaining contents in the furnace.
The rest are all the residue left by refining the Thunder God’s Whip. They were originally extremely precious electrical materials, and now they have absorbed the energy of thunder and lightning.
Hull couldn’t imagine what this guy wanted to do by swallowing these materials. At this moment, he could only watch from the sidelines.
Amidst the rapid sirens, the guards of the Sky City arrived one after another.
When two guards, who were much taller than the others, protected Surunaba on the left and right, Hel suddenly felt a slight stagnation in his body.
These two heaven-level experts have released their domains.
The two heavenly guards did not take action, and all those who took action were other people. But what Hel didn’t expect was that those guards did not deal with the golden devil first, but waved their staffs desperately, and they could see All the arriving masters were teleported away.
However, in a second thought, Hel understood again that Surunaba took great care of the technicians like them. He was definitely worried that a fight would break out later and hurt the skilled technicians who had no power to restrain them, so he took care of them first. Send them to a safe place.
Hull was always by Robert’s side, and he quickly grabbed Robert’s shoulder.
/Sure enough

like the “King of Long Distance Running”.

Manipulating the wings to avoid the trees along the road, Hull soon discovered that the terrain here was the most unsuitable for gliding, so he had to slow down his gliding speed to avoid hitting the trees.
This made him wonder why birds could fly quickly in places full of branches. Their brains could not be better than humans. Hull thought that if he had the opportunity, he could study the mystery.
/Hull has always been in awe of the trainee, Master Madison, who is the real magician, not a soldier who can use magic.
In his opinion, every real magician has his own subject, so he has been looking for such a subject that is both interesting to him and not too difficult. Now he finally found his own subject. subject.
Hull could never imagine what the idea he had in the sea of ??insects would eventually bring to him, and what it would bring to the world.
Even though he slowed down his gliding speed, the distance of more than ten kilometers still didn’t take him much time.
The shining golden thing was indeed a huge pupa shell. Just like what Old Man Moon said, this thing was as thin as a cicada’s wings. He took out a sharp long-handled ax from the space ring, and Hel swung the ax and chopped it. , only a “dong” sound was heard, and the thin pupa shell bounced the ax away.
The chrysalis shell is as tall as a person, and it can’t be hugged with both hands. Of course, it is impossible for Old Man Moon to move such a big thing, but Hel can. His space ring was given by Master Marleyn, and there is enough space. You can put down this huge pupal shell.
/The only trouble was that the lower part of the pupa shell was stuck on a pile of things that looked like dung balls. Hull kicked it with his foot and found that the thing was very hard.
Hull picked up the ax again and chopped hard.
He heard a soft snap, and an electric spark flew from the ax blade. Hull screamed “Ah”, and when he let go, the long-handled ax flew out, and he himself fell straight down.
Where the ax blade struck, a large piece of the pile of dung balls was scraped off, revealing its translucent crystal-like core. This thing was only about the size of a thumb, like a bead made of countless crystal needles. , the core of the bead is flashing with bright white light.
Although the pain nerves have been weakened when undergoing physical conditioning, they will still be paralyzed by strong electric shocks. At this moment, Hull can only lie quietly. He can do nothing except blinking his eyelids and rolling his eyes.
Staring at the translucent crystal, Hull suddenly felt that his heart was about to stop beating. He knew what that thing was called. He had seen something similar when he was at the Vance Academy of Magic.
The ones he had seen were called “artificial nuclear crystals”.
Most of the cores of some complex magic arrays will have an artificial nucleation crystal. This thing is very expensive. One the size of a grain of rice costs three thousand crowns. This is only the cost and does not include labor costs.